Brief Description

If you are a fan of porn, but have grown tired from seeing all the similar things, things that you can find on any other site. Well, then you should fear no longer, as there is a site that will bring you that pleasure, the intense experience of seeing t-girls fuck regular girls, more of them at one time, too. This site is called T Pussy Hunter, and appropriately enough, you will see really hot and great sex, between the horny t-girls and the hornier girls.

Site Specifics

The site is a beautiful thing to see, as when you get to the home page, you are greeted in a very good way, one that will certainly arouse you, if nothing else. The site’s home page is mostly in black, even though some of the parts are white, mostly the ones that need be highlighted. The site has two menu bars, one of the actual site, and the other one that belongs to the network, called Kink. Below, you have three columns of previews, one is in red, where the featured videos are. You can actually play 5 previews before deciding to join. I needn’t have played even one before joining, myself, as with even the resized pictures, you can see that the site has some of the hottest girls and t-girls. But, being a member does indeed bring you more, more of the great sex, more of the hot girls. It also brings you the ability to find the content quickly, with great sorting options, and that search bar. The site also lacks any lag, so getting to the videos takes only a second or less. Furthermore, I love the fact that the site works marvelously well on all the devices, mobile and otherwise, thanks to great optimization.

Models and Videos

There is many a thing to love about this site, starting from the design, the optimization, and leading to the actual content. The girls are exceptionally cute, with their nice and soft bodies, yet still very hot, nowhere a curve that you wouldn’t like to see. Their boobs are nice, their pussies are wet, hungry for those cocks, hungry for licking, for orgasms. The t-girls are awesome, their faces look really feminine, but what really sets them apart are those dicks, huge, hard, ready to pound some lucky girl’s pussy and ass. There are many models here, both girls and tgirls alike so you will get to see variety, as they prefer fucking in different ways. Some like that one on one, private experience, where one dick and one pussy and ass meet, for the lust and the intimate pleasure. But, others prefer getting kinky in more ways than one, they just get together, many t-girls, many girls, for that gangbang experience that you would love to see. The girls love it, the t-girls love it, the sex is great, and the quality of the videos is even better, one that allows you to see all the details, HD resolution for every of the videos. The pictures, too, are in a high resolution, and with so many of them already available to see, you can spend a lot of time here. There is no need to mention that they are constantly updated.


Have yourself a treat, one that will keep on giving you the best things that you want to see. This site, called T Pussy Hunters, will show you what great sex looks like, sex between t-girls and girls, sex that you will enjoy at all times. The content is great, the optimization is also great, you just have to join and the fun can begin.


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