Self Desire

Self Desire

Brief Description

Self Desire may not be the usual pussy versus dick business as you would expect. This is something different that leans more towards webcam shows more than it is towards barbaric hardcore romps and anal misogynist. The niche is solo pleasures and therefore it gives the whole show to the juicy models on board as you take the backseat to unzip your fly and ready some lube on the side. It may not be for everyone but perverts are sure to be all over it. It is purely solos and self-indulgence but trusts me, these pussy carriers are going to run you down wet by their gorgeousness and self-fuck acrobatics.

Site Specifics

If there is something you need when you ready yourself for some porn gratification is a little distraction and unnecessary diversions. Self Desire has done some commendable job in making browsing on their site as fluid as possible, only leaving you with one hand on the mouse and the other deep in your groin. Everything you may need from Self Desire feels more like a self-service. What you see is what you get. No fluffs and no buts from the webmaster. The website looks a little different in express view than it is on the paid view. I bet premium look is only for the paid members. On the inside, the tabs are neat and at the right places. Singling out texts is a smooth ride. The videos are laid out to give a good view with 30 of them per page. On the right pane is a list of tags you could click to select videos according to the keywords. Not to mention, there is a search box as well and a sorting criterion. The layout and design are simply stellar for convenience.

Models and Videos

That saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul” may be true after all if you have visited Self Desire. The videos you find in these sites are solos featuring succulent ladies pleasuring themselves while giving you a stare of deep pleasure. No actual dicks involved here, but abundant toys to compensate for that. These girls are very tempting and have learnt two solid things; to give the most seductive stare to the camera and beacon the audience to a sexual tango and, to give the most erotic nerve tingling solo performance to raise the lustful devil in them. The first video I watched was of one long haired Spanish-looking Darla who is a busty foreign gem with a little accent giving you the best of her shower time. As an express viewer, you get five 5 second videos to catch which are pretty mediocre. You also get some five photo previews which don’t just rise to the occasion.

As a paid member, you could get a trial which offers one full scene with no pictures. Not quite enticing. As a member, though, you have access to full HD videos that last only about 8 minutes. 10 minutes was the longest. They come in different formats. Unlimited downloads are permitted which is a thumb up. You also have access to over 30 pictures galleries each containing over 75 copies. With a resolution of 912 X 684, we consider them good enough and of high res. Self Desire has about 30 scenes with 30 models on board plus you get access to over 20 peered sites such as Innocent High and the Oye Loca which offer more daring fuck stunts.


The niche behind Self Desire may not be for everybody as such but mostly perverts who are into self-service . The few models to showcase their solo acts and the few scenes available with other 20-bonus sites is a good deal. Subscription for the site is what I recommend for anyone out there!


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