Recorded BFs

Recorded BFs

Brief Description

RecordedBFs is a premium gay porn website filled to the last millimeter with some of the most hardcore gay porn on the planet. The featured dudes are of varying ages, possess varying lengths of cocks and are ever-ready to take a thorough pounding in their dreamily-tight and puckered assholes. Ever-horny and ever-erect, there is nothing they are not prepared to do in their quest for the perfect fuck, filled with all the cum in the world.

Site Specifics

Overall, the site is well designed and all necessary features are located where they should be. It looks professional enough and is definitely arousing. The site is packed to the rafters with some of the most cum-arousing hardcore and softcore videos and pictures ever shot. As the videos are only accessible to members, seeing stills of them can only serve to convince you to join up, if you aren’t a member, in order to enjoy the rich goodies on offer.

While advanced search is not enabled on the site, the vast quantity of videos makes up for it anyway, because if you look long enough you will always find something to your taste. Which few gay porn sites can boast of.

Models and Videos

RecordedBFs has tons of videos showing dudes with various abilities enjoying each other’s bodies and pouring gallons of cum and juice all the way into tight assholes and wet throats. The guys are all amateurs who love the feel of a chunky bit of cock deep in their bodies rocking them to screaming orgasms and cum-flooding. With the large number of available dicks to probe wriggling asses to the last inch, sex toys are not used nor deemed necessary. Therefore, the on-screen action is all natural and expertly shot to make you harder than you have ever been as you watch the sex scenes unfold before your fascinated gaze.

The available videos are more than 5,000, with even more being daily added to the mix. Which makes RecordedBFs one of the richest site for the hottest gay porn you could ever find. The videos are of varying quality and in varying formats, in order to cater for the exotic tastes of every interested individual. Apart from the videos, photos are also available, with varying resolutions. As the site provides fast streaming and downloading, both of which are easily done, and in a fast and hassle-free manner. At present, RecordedBFs hosts over 500GB of the hottest and most hardcore gay sex porn waiting to be streamed and downloaded to your heart’s content. Which is to put it mildly quite a lot.

To access the riches of RecordedBFs you must be a member. Membership plans range from a one day trial period for a token fee to monthly and tri-monthly periods. Members also qualify for bonuses like unfettered access to over 15 other gay porn sites, with more being regularly added. All in all, RecordedBFs is a premier hardcore gay porn site well worth considering.


RecordedBFs is a top hot gay porn site full of the most hardcore xxx gay porn scenes performed by amateurs eager to taste hard cocks in their tight assholes. Fresh and restless, they are always ready to suck a dick till it’s bone dry. Featuring a positively-huge amount of the most erotic gay porn video and photos and an equally huge number of amateur cock-lovers, the site is easy to use and provides excellent value for those seeking for the best, most potent and dick-arousing gay porn collection.

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