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I’m sure most of us have our very own sexual fantasies and most of which would be in a foreign romantic country or place such as beaches in Thailand. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, because who wouldn’t want to have the best sex in the best exotic places that this Earth could offer? Now if you’re either one of those people who don’t know what I’m talking about or those who can’t reach the “goal” yet, PornTraveling will let you see the beauty of having the hottest and steamiest fucks in the best exotic places. With over thousands of videos, hundreds of porn stars and tens and hundreds of categories, you will never get bored, I assure you that.

Site Specifics

The website’s design is designed to make navigation simple and straightforward, which is a good thing because people do not go and visit porn websites to be hassled by complex linking and designs, people visit porn websites to watch people getting down and fuck each other out. Once you visit the website, the first thing you would see are 3 men and 3 women, which they are, quite frankly, very hot. This was actually smart for PornTraveling to do this because it insinuates that these are the kind of people you should expect in all their videos, hot and sexy. After that, you now then get to the good stuff as it displays the content of the whole website, where they went for their sexcapades, and let me tell you, they really know where to pick the best places to let these fresh horny couples get down and dirty. It really doesn’t disappoint! So kudos to that and the beautiful shots displayed all over the website!

As for the features of the website, you’d be pleased to know that there is actually quite a number of them, so let us enumerate and elaborate each, shall we? PornTraveling forms part of a group of porn websites, therefore if you need a porn with a different feel to it, you can easily access them by clicked the logos of the websites which are displayed all over the home page. Next feature worth mentioning is they put up polls for their viewers to engage in. It’s a fun feature! Next is that the website does all the searching for you by immediately displaying the top-rated sexy videos and photos for you so you wouldn’t have to. Lastly, the site also took the liberty to display and link the profile of their girls, which you can also comment on. By doing the link-to-their-profile system, viewers can see the relevant information that one might be interested in, like her age, her pussy hair, usual sexual deeds that she does, and of course, the size of their boobs. Another thing about this is that once you visit your favorite porn star’s profile, you’ll be able to see all the videos and photos that your she is in. Easy access indeed!

Models and Videos

The PornTraveling currently has over 1035 scenes, accumulating a whopping 709 hours of sexy time for yourself and 121644 photos!! All of which can be in high quality! Absolutely amazing indeed, I mean just having the high quality of videos and photos are already something to be excited about, but them being able to travel around the world and watch that in high quality is even better as you not only see the amazing sex, but also the scenery! The places picked for the men and women to do their deeds are nothing less of perfect. How so? All the beaches that were featured are so breathtaking that the lighting is the least of their concerns.

Another thing I want to let you all know is that they document the days of their vacation in a certain place. I think that this is a really creative idea because it shows the raunchy adventures that their stars’ experience. And another thing is, even if they’re in one place for a span of a week, they would still be able to find different places that their stars could get down and dirty as a way to prevent boring and repetitive scenes. This is definitely a great aspect since you not only get to see all the sex, but you also get to see the beautiful spots of that specific place or country.

As for the girls, the website has over 402 hot and sexy chicks. It’s almost close to impossible for you to not find your type… twice or even thrice. As mentioned, the website has this feature of letting members or subscribers access to some of the girls’ profiles, therefore, it won’t take too long before you find what you’re looking for, because based on personal experience, I would have to say that I already found 2 of my favorites. These are Inez Steffan, who might look like your average girl, but once you see her videos, you’d be surprised at how good she is at sucking the soul out of those guys’ cocks and touching herself. It can’t get any hotter than that. The other one is Cleopatra Rios. Let me assure you that Cleopatra Rios can possibly be one of the best girls to get anal. So if you’re one of those guys who prefer tight asses or girls who prefer to take it in the back, then she is the best one to show you how it’s done.


PornTraveling is definitely an amazing website, especially for those with fantasies of fucking in a foreign land. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman because it caters to both sexes as all the men and women in their pictures and videos are hot and sexy. Not just that, all the sex was so beautifully and sexily done that it really further excited me, sexually, to be in their place even just for once.

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