Peeping Santa

Peeping Santa

Brief Description

Peeping Santa was created keeping in mind the variety of women existing in the world, it, in fact, celebrates the diversity of women in shape, size, and color and that is a very original idea. The fact that it is tastefully done is a big plus, showing women in a positive light and not being derogatory calling them a slut, thot, and other terms many porn sites prefer to call.

Site Specifics

The design of the website is tightly bound and well categorized. Videos are divided by continents and each video has a corresponding country where the video has been shot. It is most likely they have been in fact shot at these countries as with internet connectivity all over the world and a need for money, uploading videos become not a very difficult task for the submitters to do. The design has been done keeping in mind the choice of the users and to show the diversity in women. So you shall find all types of women and videos. The Santa Christmas theme is highlighted on the homepage and has traces of it on the main webpage as well. It is a bit uncanny but it is different than the rest of the websites nevertheless.

To see a design following form and function at the same time and so well is not a common sight. Only those who understand design can carry it off well and this website’s makers surely do know a thing or two about it. The colors contrast with the gray background and pop out, attracting the user’s eyes very discreetly. Peeping Santa runs very well on the mobile as it has been configured in a way that will not require you to pan the sides of the screen. The videos run very well and the video capture imaging technology enables the user to skip certain parts he would not like and jump straight into the heart of the action, a very useful tool I must say. There is also a provision for the users to view the videos in full screen so they can see the scenes at close hand without any distractions of text or banners.

Models and Videos

The Girls on the website are a treat to watch since there is so much of specific choice filtered by country and continent. From shaped girls with round taut titties to flat chested, innocent looking girls from Asia, you will get every type of woman that you like to see and they all perform well, on top of that. The video quality is high and one should not miss the videos from the south American continent. Their videos tend to be more consensual and passionate, women gyrate their hips round and round with dicks in their vaginas and it’s as if they were dancing: it’s really amazing and unique to their region. They kiss their partner’s dicks and give blowjobs like they are hungry for cum, what’s more, is that they are ready to take a load on their beautiful faces.

There is no lack of videos on the website as there are as many as 4,500 videos and counting and they can be seen in a browser or downloaded in MP4 format at 1920×1080 resolution. The user can download as many videos as he wants without any objections and save it to the hard drive of his system. Peeping Santa also has pictures to offer over 1,123,000 of them and these can be seen in the browser and can be downloaded into Zipping files. There is even more, the content available to you if you become a member since you will be able to join other websites in their network and explore freely.


Peeping Santa offers a lot to the users and such a catalog of videos should really be utilized by lovers of straight porn. The videos are all good but the African porn section is especially sexy and packed full of action. The way the site has been categorized is unique and I would highly recommend visiting it at least once.

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