NIP Activity

NIP Activity

Brief Description

NIP activity or Nude In Public tracks real and naked European amateur girls walking around the streets, shops, national monuments, stores with thousands of onlookers and pedestrians. This website focuses on real women who go out for lengthy nude walks displaying their beautiful and natural bodies from start to finish. You would find the scenes running upwards for 30 minutes as these beautiful women undress and strut naked in front of throngs of pedestrians. Each of these videos is captured in full HD and Hi Res with undergoing updates 4 days a week! However one thing which must be made clear is that NIP is about nude women or girls walking around completely exposed and that is all there is to it. This site does not include sex into the episodes. There might be some occasional soft core teasing or some playful indications but that is just about it. This website has been functional for three years and their libraries are brimming with high-class footage which they have taken, most of them being shot at the behest of their follower’s requests and fantasies. Each of the contents prospers on the thrill of seeing these real nude women undress and playfully interact with thousands of pedestrians. The undressing is done in the first few moments. You would find a girl sitting on a street bench wiggling her attire off her shoulders, coming out of the pooled fabrics at her feet and moving it past their lips and after doing so setting off for a stroll in the streets.

The cameras normally lead them and the rejoinders are instantaneous to their undressing- old men being perplexed, old women showing shaking their heads in dismay, cats calling, dogs barking and off-course tourists clicking pics, some even tagging along with them. Amazingly most of the denizens after some random clicks, simply go about their businesses. You will find that most of these outings or strolls take place in Austria, or athwart the borders of Germany. One of the best things about NIP is that you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to the number of available videos. The videos can be either watched directly online and that too in full HD, steamed in a Flash video player or downloadable easily. One would find two High definition options- Quick Time HD which is 1280×720 which has a 4mbits/s and the other option being 640×360 WMV downloads with a 1mbits/bit rate. The older videos however will not be obtainable in high definition and will come in DVD quality. Plus all these videos will comprise of a great sound playback. The picture galleries which come with the outings are capacious and of high resolution with large resolutions of 1338×2000 pixels- with some minor variations in some occasions, but not too much. These pictures look absolutely stunning, rich and full of details even in the bright sun and you would be able browse through them and even save them in zip files.

Site Specifics

The user interface of this website is easily navigable, the options or menus are clearly visible and navigation will be a breeze. Most of the downloaded videos will be available in full HD and in standard resolutions. One can also add videos or pictures to your shopping cart and incur payments through the CCBill mode. Another cool thing about NIP is that you will get access to video previews just so that you know about the quality and content of each video and find out which ones who want to keep in your phone of PC or access. Searching for the videos is also quite simple all thanks to the smart suggestions which the web page provides based on your previous category selection.

Models and Videos

The girls or women that you will find in NIP are all real girls posing or walking around naked. They all are blessed with gorgeous looks and their naughty attitudes will surely make you want to spend time with them. These girls comprise of naturally beautiful bodies with no artificial attributes which one usually finds with most porn stars. Each of their peculiarities is real, and that is the real X factor of all girls of NIP. Despite the fact that the videos will not have any sex, their casual flirtatious attitudes and gorgeous smiles will surely make you feel horny. Some of the hottest girls which you will find here goes by the name of- Jessy B, Susan A, Aiko May, Antonia, Victoria S, Adela, Nicole Vice, Eileen Sue, Mona Lee, Natalie, Rihanna, Enni, Bailey, Celina and many more. One will find tons of videos of top notch quality and resolution. Plus there is a preview option which gives you a glimpse of what exactly you can expect from the website and its videos. Its easily navigable menu displays will allow you to play the video. Plus the downloading methods are also quite simple and all one has to do is follow the laid down instructions and save it on your hard drive.  All the videos are compatible with the current systems such as Windows, Android, and iOS. You can also download every product of your order at least four times.


The NIP is definitely one of the top websites for public nudity videos and pictures. You can purchase and download its videos and pictures without any headaches. The mischievous action of these beautiful naked girls is definitely not to be missed. Top notch videos are regularly uploaded and the contents are also constantly updated keeping in mind the desire of its viewers. In simple words you will simply love every single moment of your membership with NIP. That is a promise which this website promises to its exclusive line of viewers.


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