Brief Description

Milfrealtions is a mature site filled with exotic hot Mothers-I’ll-fuck, they are all beautiful and attractive, these ladies are in the 30-40 but they all look exceptionally good. They are all seen in different sex scenes having a swell time, having sex, giving blowjobs or receiving head from their male counterparts. The ladies are involved with some intense sexual acts, and they all look excited and seem to be enjoying the ride; it is a joyful and lovely scene as most of the pornstars and models are actively engaged and the camera watches as they all produce a lovely porn movie. The content of the website was put together by the team of the website, the team which did an awesome job in the production of the material deserve to be applauded for a job well done. The content has some curated by the site, and others are the likely content of users, the site is not an amateur site as it features professional pornstars and production team that came together to piece a lovely website together. The site features top-notch quality similar to leading brands, with no unnecessary ads and pop-ups to disrupt visitors while on the site. The high quality of the website content is something to be marveled at, as the site design and the videos, as well as the pictures, is worth every penny spent on the site by the subscribers. By subscribing to Milfrelations, you stand the chance of having several benefits that come with the benefit which includes: regular daily updates on the website, unlimited downloads for every video of choice. There are over half a million photos on the site, with 4,000 hours of video streaming and 3200 exotic models to entertain her guests. The site also offers weekly live cam shows for the members tailored needs. Member of the site upon subscribing to the site, have unlimited access to all 11 other affiliated site where they can also enjoy the great content of different genres of pornographic materials. With all these benefits, members of the site have a lot to look forward to as these features are rarely offered by other sites. With no notable awards won by the site that can be seen displayed on the website, it is hard to think this won’t be recognized for her excellence in the foreseeable future.

Site Specifics

With a simple user interface that is both user-friendly and easy to navigate, members and visitors of the site will have an awesome experience while on this platform. The user interface features a seamless experience with the necessary content properly displayed for visitors to the site to see clearly. The site interface offers the basic functionalities of a structure that support a functional website, which also supports payment and data collection of its members. The arrangement of the content is well coordinated as it provides an adequate description, and appropriate arrangement in place to maximize all the spaces. The website features a simple layout, with a creamy theme which is very impressive; it has the basic spice to of a good porn website. The different content of the site fits very well with the given theme of the site as it brings out the real beauty of the site. The site has a good web design feel and user experience. The slider on the header of the website makes the site more appealing as it gives life to the website even when not connected to the internet. The site also has a glint of other colours creatively designed around the website which gives it a killer outlook. Video downloads and streaming privileges are reserved only for members of the site only, there are no videos downloadable by non-members of the site. And it can be said that the videos streaming and download speed will be fast because of the standard portrayed by the management of the site. The photo galleries of the website are well stocked with a vast database of material, the site boasts of 600,000 pictures available on the website. The arrangement of the site is adequately laid out and managed that the need for an advanced search option won’t be necessary as the content of the website can be easily made reference to and retrieved when needed. The site is mobile responsive, it can be accessed from all the mobile phones and tablet devices using all the different kind of browsers available. The site is a player in the MILF genre of the porn industry, it occupies the straight sex genres and it has great quality content on its site. When compared with other sites with similar content, it can be said Milfrelations rank high amongst others because of the quality of its content, and the high standard they have set their website too. Sexhungrymoms is a similar porn site that offers the same the quality of content by largely inferior when compared to Milfrelations and this is in comparison to quality of the content, as well and the general outlook of the website.

Models and Videos

The ladies on the site are mature pornstars the all look very excited and seem to be having fun on the various sets; one of the pornstars is Ashley Isis who is a 34 years old France national, she has blonde hair and is seen stroking a cock. There are about 3,200 pornstars on the website, and none of them look like an amateur in the slightest bit; they are very enthusiastic in all the photosets and they enjoy every stroke of the ride. There are over 4,000 hours of videos available on the site for members on the site, these videos are of high quality, although we couldn’t get access to watch these videos ourselves due to membership restriction policy; however, the quality of the videos are top notch as they feature hot models and are captures with high definition cameras. The videos are usually titled with the name of the featured pornstar, like “Isis love”.


The site is a total success in terms of the quality of content as well the web design and user interface, I love the website, and won’t change anything even if I could.

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