Brief Description

When was the last time you were oiled up in the bedroom? Maybe it has been a while since both you and your partner have signed up for a sexy couples’ massage or have tried out new things in the bedroom but you do not have to look any further for excitement because Lubed has all that you need to breathe life into your sex life. With a tagline like “the hottest girls engaged in wet and messy sex,” it is hard to ignore this pleasure portal and all of the excitement that it brings. All of the models here are top-notch and there is not one in the roster who will fall below your expectations. As we all know, the more lube you throw into a sexual experience, the more interesting it will be. Trust me, sexy massages are not the only scenes that you will be enjoying on Lubed. The site could not pick a better name for itself!

Lubed is a site that showcases the erotic side of adult encounters. You can be certain that you will always find the pleasurable moments that you are looking for. Imagine the view of glistening bodies sliding against each other, and pussies and assholes so wet that sliding your fingers into them is not a problem at all; the best aspect about Lubed as a porn site is the models. They are not shy when it comes to getting down and dirty and wet. You can count on one thing, all of your fantasies will come true here.

Launched in 2016, Lubed is barely one-year-old. As one of the new adult sites in the industry, Lubed is already making its mark. As a platform that focuses on all porn fetishes, you will be delighted to find exactly what you are looking for here. The sex is hardcore, just the way you like it. Characterized by 4K videos, it is almost as if Lubed does not have any shortcomings to complain about. All members will be enjoying the flicks at a crystal clear clarity. As such, you can be 100% certain that you will not miss out on all the exclusivity that the platform has to offer. All in all, the site is highly appealing in every sense of the word.

Site Specifics

Represented by a simple design that accommodates everything that you would find fulfilling in a porn site, upon logging into the site, you will feel as though you have walked into pleasure heaven. As a new site, Lubed only comprises of 24+ scenes, therefore, getting around is not a hard task. The video preview shows that Lubed is not a site that is all about massages. You will get to enjoy pornstars who indulge in fuck fetish and blowjobs alike. Therefore, it is safe to say that Lubed is a gumball of everything.

All of the videos are well-shot and boast of great clarity, as such, all of your viewing moments will be highly entertaining. The previews are known as trailers on the platform. Regardless of what you choose to call them, they give you a bird’s eye view of what Lubed has in store for you.

Lubed videos can be enjoyed on computers as well as mobile devices. This means that porn lovers on the go will also have a great time. Each scene on the site comes with seven download options inclusive of MP4, WMV among others. Flash streaming is also a reliable option that enables members to download files that are up to 7GB in size. You will be impressed by what this portal has in store for you. The standard of movies is highly impressive. All the flicks are accompanied by photos from the galleries and as such, you will thoroughly enjoy all of the collectible images.

Models and Videos

Imagine the sight of a glistening skin, all oiled up in the right places, and proves that you will not be able to take the sexiness that the models on Lubed dish out. If there were a way to the site, trust me, you would most definitely take it. The wet, messy and sticking sex sessions will taunt you in ways that you have never experienced before. For 30 minutes of pleasure, you will be at their presence, enjoying all that they have to offer. Well, calling these girls hot would be a true understatement. At times, you will enjoy watching them get oiled up, this being enough to prepare you for what is coming.

The beauties get down and dirty both indoor and outdoor. Showing that in their world, there is a place and time for bucket loads of cum, regardless of what time of the day it is. The action quickly turns to hardcore pornography and as such, you will be glued to the screen for all of the right reasons. There is nothing better than a slippery and oily body that has been left for you to explore.

It does not matter what you hope to see here because the models are ready to pull off their best stops in order to meet you at your point of pleasure and desire. But be warned: if you are not careful, you hopelessly fall in love with these beauties. You will particularly enjoy the blowjobs, which are ultra-nasty in every sense of the word and not particularly heavy on the spit.


Lubed is a site without any major flaws. The site is bold in its provision of content and ensures that you have lots of moments of satisfaction to look forward to. The content has been presented in top-notch HD format and promises to give you the kind of viewing pleasure that you have always hoped for. The handpicked models go out of their way to introduce you to the world that knows no bounds. Ensure that your viewing system can be able to support 4K videos because when it comes to quality, Lubed does not disappoint.


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