Brief Description

Where do you go when you seek one of the best video chat experience available online? Well if you are a fan of video chat you might have already heard of Ifriend, a video chat web site with more than 16 years of experience on the market and more models than you can probably have time to see in a lifetime.

Site Specifics

The super simple aspect of the web site makes the ideal place where to find the best online sex experience in a way that is both easy and extremely enjoyable to every type of user. The overall layout of the site is condensed into a top navigational bar, a very fun to use right side bar, where you can find the birthdays celebrated by the models the day you are visiting, newcomer faces, fresh from the oven and the top performer category, where you can see the models that are the most appreciated on Ifriend. On the center of the page stands the core masterpiece, a table with four rows that extends to the bottom of the page, where you can find models from every corner of the world. Just select a thumbnail and the fun will start almost immediately. This is why this particular site has been in business for such a long time. The core simplicity and utility that always brings you to where you want to go has consecrated this web site. The cool navigation experience and the fact that Ifriend is mobile friendly makes it one of the best choices out there, when it comes to online erotic video chat.

Models and Videos

The girls are very diverse and the selection of which one you want to enjoy falls solely on your shoulders. On Ifriend you can find everything and everything, without exception. This feature is so hot that you will never get bored here. Imagine watching a melting hot momma masturbating and immediately after switching to a lesbian, a straight woman or a transgender, why not? After all you can find almost everything on Ifriend and the only limit here is your imagination. Here you can find professionals and amateurs alike so don’t be worried that you will lack diversity. I mean, on Ifriend, diversity is the key word the full site revolves around. The video sessions can be as long as you desire them to be, you won’t be pressured by anyone once you take the model of your choosing in a separate channel. For this you will have to pay. But the rest is free until the end of time. Ifriend offers the cool possibility to view every public web cam for free once you create a free online account. There are no restrictions on how many chats you can browse through or watch as long as you don’t want to take the model to a private more intimate private chat room. Doing so will result in you having the full attention of the model of your choosing, without the interference f others, as it happens on the free, public chat rooms. You also have the possibility to send gifts to the models, if they behaved to your desire or tip them in a very easy fashion with just the press of a button. The video quality is good and clear so you can see what the action is all about in a crystal clear fashion. Also if you desire, you can also download the clip and store it for later use. How cool is that? There are thousands of models, men and women, straight and gay, even transgender, all interlocked in original scenarios of their choosing, all wanting your lust and affection.


Super-hot video chat erotic service and an experience that you will remember makes this site one of the top choices when it comes to spending your time online, in a very intimate and original way that is always different from the last, even if you choose the same model time after time after time.

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