GF Revenge

GF Revenge

Brief Description

Amateur sluts have an innocence and charm that is difficult to miss out. When an amateur slut gets fucked, you will realize that the sex is genuine, and there is no faking of the joy and pleasure during the sex act. There are multitudes of sites offering amateur porn, and many of them are good. However, one of the sites that I liked reviewing is GFRevenge.

GFRevenge is a constituent site of GFLeaks, a leading name in the world of adult entertainment. Don’t go by the word revenge, because there is no revenge involved, but a show of sex, sleaze and pleasure that involves girlfriends of all kinds. They may be 20-something sluts going to an institution of higher studies, working in beauty parlors, restaurants, and many other places. She is the innocent girl next door, who has very horny thoughts that you could never figure out, or the beautiful cheerleader who secretly admired you while you starred in your favorite game.

Their innocence and amateur looks add an element of excitement, not only while you are watching these porn videos, but also when you jerk-off to them. We understand the value of your money, and know that subscribing to a site and not being satisfied will only be detrimental to the site. Hence, a review of this sort will be helpful to you and the site, so that you know what to expect and the site knows that this review will be able to attract the right viewers.

So, what does this review cover? The review covers various aspects of the site such as its design, the features presented, the girls featured and the kind of videos that you can enjoy. The review will cover the theme in a video, finally ending with a call to action as to why you should subscribe to the site. So, are you ready to read this review? If so, then go ahead!

Site Specifics

Well-designed websites give you a wholesome sexual and jerk-off experience that is difficult to express. However, I am attempting to make you understand how beautifully this site has been designed. A good design comprises of numerous elements that can be analyzed separately, such as the color scheme, and the overall aesthetic appeal.

The color scheme is obviously the most prominent element that you will observe when you visit this site. A combination of white, black, red, green, pink, blue and a dash of orange welcomes you to the site. White forms the bulk of the background, with black used in the header and footer. The black header has neatly arranged tabs on the left, linking to the videos, the girls and the partner sites of GFLeaks. Towards the right, there is an option to change the sizes of the thumbnails of the videos you see on the page. There is a link to the member login page, and a blue colored, Join Now button. On top of the tab, GFLeaks in a combination of pink and green, is seen. GFRevenge in a combination of black and red texts with a white border, accentuate the header.

The thumbnails are arranged in an array, against a white background. Since the background is white, it does not hinder your porn viewing experience. In general, white is a very pleasant colour, and the most appropriate one for sites like these. There are more than 16 pages with 32 videos each. So, there are more than 500 videos of the hottest amateurs for you to enjoy.

Above the footer, there is again a large blue button that asks you to join the site. You may be thinking that this site would be very expensive to subscribe to, but you are mistaken. With three membership plans to choose from, you can opt for monthly, quarterly and annual plans. Annual plans are the most popular, that allow you to save more than 80% as compared to the monthly plan. If you are still not convinced, then try out the two-day trial membership before deciding on the optimal membership plan.

Models and Videos

Amateur chicks are amateur chicks. You never seem to get enough of them, for they are a breed apart. Their pussies are tight, because they have been rarely fucked, submissive, willing to experiment and want to learn the art of making love and having sex. Generally, most amateurs are not very comfortable having their intimate videos uploaded, but in the case of GFRevenge, the amateurs are keen to have their videos uploaded to the internet and show the world the kind of sluts they are. 

These amateurs have some of the most amazing bodies your eyes have ever seen. Slim waists, smooth and round asses, breasts that are perfect for groping and fondling, nipples that become erect when the bras are ripped off and pussies that are pink, tight and barely fucked, amateurs have it all in them. The best part of the amateurs is that their bodies are genuine. Nothing about their bodies indicates that they have enhanced their prominent assets. 

Their willingness to experiment makes them superb dick suckers, and their blowjobs are too good to resist. Amateur sluts have an instant liking for cum, and when a hunk cums on their faces, and in their mouths, they hungrily feast upon the cum. Swapping cum, threesomes, licking cum from pussy creampies are the hottest videos to watch on this site. 

There are unique videos that are showcased in the site. Sex between straight couples that ends with the most amazing cum shots on the slut’s face. You will also find amateur lesbian orgy videos, and many others. But, by far, the best videos are the threesomes, involving a hunk and two beautiful amateur cunts. The very thought makes me get a rock-hard dick. Two hot pussies sharing a dick is probably the hottest videos you can watch. The blowjobs, the stud’s dick pounding the pussies and asses, and ending with a pussy creampie makes for excellent viewing. But the video doesn’t end here. The other cunt wants both the cunt juice and the cum, and licks the cum from the pussy, and shares it with the other amateur bitch. Oh! While writing this description, I am already rock-hard imagining two sluts playing with each other in a threesome. 


This site is a great example of how good amateur porn can be. With this site, you can rest assured that your lust and fantasies are fulfilled and you can jerk off to your fullest potential! If you want to check this site out you can sign up for a two-day trial membership and then decide to go sign up for full membership. With a potential annual saving of more than 80%, your mind will be at ease as you don’t need to worry about the money you are spending.


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