Czech Experiment

Czech Experiment

Brief Description

Czech Experiment is the one experiment that is worth jerking off to. This is a website with a different setup. A girl goes to a random guy on a street asking him if he wants to fuck her. She doesn’t give up until somebody does. Sounds great, right? Well, until this kind of trend starts to spread around, we will have to be satisfied watching it on CzechExperiment.

Site Specifics

The layout of this site in all its aspects is a classic one. With regularly sorted thumbnails and info on this website, you surely won’t get lost. It takes on the form of the Czech AV its parent site and most of the videos are in plain view from the beginning. Visuals are simplistic and there isn’t anything particularly distracting or special about them so you’ll get used to it right from the beginning. So a nice simple interface with nice simple options. Dominant colors on this website are black and red. Navigation is done from the main Czech AV site and is done through a search bar with advanced filter options. The website is also mobile ready and pretty responsive, making it accessible from any mobile device so you can enjoy videos even on the go.

Models and Videos

Girls appearing in this exciting experiment aren’t bad looking at all. All of them like the site says are Czech, meaning Eastern Europe. White and pretty, these girls do insane things. They approach guys on the street asking them to fuck them. Well, the results are different, some say yes, and some say no. You heard it right, there are some guys that reject this perfect opportunity. Incredible. But there is always a stud who will take them to the nearest forest or some bushes and fuck them hard. There is even a lesbian scenes, so not only guys get lucky here. Who wouldn’t like that to happen to them? Wild and spontaneous are two things you can say clearly about these girls.

All girls here are amateurs in the porn industry, but some appear to be quite skilled when it comes to sucking those passers-by dicks. The quality of the videos suits the idea that they are going after and that is voyeur unscripted sex. So the usual equipment is a handheld camera that is manned by somebody a bit farther from the couple getting their kink on. Even though we are talking about a handheld camera here, it doesn’t seem they tried to save money on that equipment.

You can find about 12 high-quality videos on this website. Videos are approximately 15 minutes long. Video formats that you can find on this website include WMV (1280×720), MP4 (704×396), and Flash (1280×720) for in-browser streaming. Unlimited downloads and streaming included. There are also 12 photo galleries, attached with each video, and each gallery holds about 50 pictures.

Membership plans are neat. You have the option to choose one month (recurring), three months (recurring), and six months (recurring) membership plan. Before you get turned down by the quantity of the videos of this site, it is worth mentioning its brighter aspect and its connection to Czech AV. It is a parent site that hosts a humongous quantity of Eastern European videos. Perhaps not of the same caliber, but hey, 3500+ videos are not inconsiderable feat (that is around 30 websites). These are all various fucking, hardcore, MILF, voyeur sites similar to the Czech Experiment so your cock will get hard no matter what.


Czech Experiments shows you fine girls getting rammed in the outdoors by some dude they just met, that’s gonna get you hard, it got them hard. The membership plan here gets its full potential once you start scrolling through the other bonus sites and start enjoying all these beautiful and wild Czech girls.


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