Chi Town Butts

Chi Town Butts

Brief Description

Still looking for tube videos and pictures of badass black chicks with the biggest of butts; still confused as to where to find the hottest and sexiest ebony divas with so much plump and flesh on them; or still wondering why it costs so much to order for ebony DVDs from the store without getting the value you desire? You are not alone. This lack of information has driven many porn lovers to get low quality for high prices, sadly.

Not anymore, though. ChiTownButts has now come to the rescue of all who seek high-quality ebony videos with the biggest of butts for a low price. The combination of reasons why the majority choose ChiTownButts is overwhelming and unrivaled anywhere else. This site parades the prettiest, the sexiest, the most daring, and the finest ladies with the largest butts in the industry, and all for a very low and affordable price. The combined talents showcased on this site are staggering and unbelievable. Every single video packs the most exciting and most adorable ladies of African American stock, all sought from the enigmatic city of Chicago. This city has demystified the myth that one cannot find the same types of chicks with the hottest of sex features in the same town. Now we know that you can get as many as you want from Chicago alone. And not just any kind of lady from the street, but refined, trained, and groomed to perform exceptional and explosive sex shows never found anywhere else.

All these talented black divas are exclusive and limited to ChiTownButts. You may search all over, but can never find a location with more beautiful and sexy ebonies like you would see here. You might get one or two here and there, but to get a site with over a hundred of the baddest and hottest black queens from Chicago in one single library is impossible except here. That makes the site stand out from every other one out there; it makes it unique, different, and special. With super butts like these, the ladies of ChiTownButts mesmerize and dazzle the world of men with the hugest and longest of cocks out there. It does not matter the color of the cock or dude, whether from Asia, Europe, America, or New Zealand; so far it’s a huge, hard, and strong dick involved, they would bang it with relish. This way, the ladies of this site have become the ultimate international cock fuckers of all time.

Their bodies are so full of flesh, beautiful, shiny, and sumptuous; so much so that all men of all kinds and colors just cannot resist them. But it’s, however, their awesome booty that wins them accolades and fans all over the world. The much talked about black booty and the wonders it can perform is not better exemplified anywhere else than here on ChiTownButts. These are sturdy, sexy, and erotic backsides that sit on and ride the longest of cocks, butts that make men go gaga even when still inside their tight lingerie. With such amazing booty on display, such massive boobs on offer, and such mesmerizing faces to go with them, the ladies of ChiTownButts have won for themselves fans from all over the world, and in their millions. Chicago has indeed gifted the world the most spectacular and most fascinating black chicks that surpass every other type we have ever seen before.

Gathered in such a wonderful manner and on a site that commands respect in the world of porn, their glory keeps expanding and breaking new grounds, winning more fans, and leaving a mark in the world of porn. If you are not dazzled by the sex shows these wonderful ebony queens put up, if you are not wowed by the fun-filled excitement that they offer, you need to see a doctor; something might be wrong with your perceptive abilities. This is a fact going by the tons of testimonies and 5-star ratings the site keeps getting from far and near; from the multiple awards; from the praises and accolades; and from the consistently rising number of ever satisfied fans cutting across every region of the world.

They are classy, sexy, pretty, and damn creative in the art of making men cum with intense ejaculation that knows no bounds. If you give them room to use their hands to stroke huge cocks, give them room to suck on the mightiest dick, or make them perform the best of boobs fucking, you would be marveled at the stunning and mesmerizing shows they would put up. It’s a site that knows no limitations, has no restrictions, and is 100% uncensored as far as hardcore and intense black butts banging is concerned.

Site Specifics

When a site offers you over 250 different big butts ebony chicks of the best kinds, almost a hundred DVDS, and about 100,000 photo sets in one single archive, then you know it is indeed the real deal. This is in addition to the bonus of 5 more stunning sites in the network once you register. You would be given unrestricted and uncensored access to tons of hardcore black bitch contents almost for free. The site is the cheapest to join, with flexible payment plans, and a world-class security feature that protects all your data expertly.

Models and Videos

ChiTownButts is that one site that attracts the finest and loveliest of big butts black ladies from all of Chicago and its environs. It is also the one place where other sluts come to learn the intricate fuck skills of big ass ebony damsels. This is because they are not just creative and talented, they put in much work to produce stunning videos that would wow the world for a long time to come.


It is obvious; this is the one true site that has got all the best and most brilliant ladies from the hip city of Chicago. With such butts, boobs, and stunning faces presented to you in the most vivid manners, you cannot but agree that this is the world’s classiest porn site with a difference. Don’t just be a review reader; subscribe today and enjoy the best that ebony ladies can offer.


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