Brief Description

Big Church is a great site that links Christians across the catholic and protestant divide. There is a great sense of community on the platform that invites users from across the globe. Big Church is a Christian dating website that seeks to link users with the common catholic and protestant religious faith for a better chance of forging a successful partnership.

Site Specifics

The site is nicely designed to accommodate massive traffic. Although there are over 3000 active members at the moment there are prospects for further growth. Once you decide to join the community of Christians, you are required to provide some personal data that the site will use to display on your profile. Indeed, it is such data that helps other members to reach your profile using the various search terms. You are required to provide information regarding your gender, relationship status, and the type you are looking for, plus your denomination. It is also worth noting that the site seeks to establish how serious you are with your relationship with God. Indeed, these are important dynamics in the networking niche; since there are members with varying levels of spirituality. Moreover, you are required to state what you want in a Christian partner. Other secondary questions include your habits. You are asked to state your habits and hobbies. Such questions as to whether you smoke or drink will show up in the subscription process. Big Church is a user driven website. Therefore, there are many tools that help visitors get around. There is a clear list of categories to inform you of what services you can expect on the platform. There is an advanced search tool that enables users to look for what they want on a wide range of search terms. I used the search tool too and appreciated its effectiveness. I could look for members on the basis of geographical locations. I found a number of cuties from my area and arranged for a real date. I guess, the rest of the encounter is history. There is a referrals contest that goes on, on the site. Users are invited to take part and win points. Such points can be used to upscale from a basic membership to a premium membership plan that allows you to access the profiles of all members and contact the ones you wish. Premium members are accorded conveniences of communication including direct chats and calls. The contest requires users to answer questions. Points are accumulated on the basis of the number of questions you get right in a chosen contest.

Models and Videos

There are no standard videos on the site but you may access some of the videos shared by the members. The platform works more like a social media website; only this time there is a focus on Catholics and Christians with an aim to forge relationships and find life partners. Users are allowed to search for a partner of their dreams by typing as much descriptive info as possible into the search box. You are also allowed to create a friend page so that you can move to the desired section and transact with a group of contacts you choose to add onto your list of friends. I loved the fact that once you subscribe, the site provides you with updates of the activities. If you search for a particular partner that you seek to befriend and you are not provided with one immediately, your search is saved and made active so that when a partner that fits your description shows up, you are notified. You can select such a partner by a wide range of characteristics including aspirations, physical attributes, education level, popular people on the network, distance, most networked, age and more.


Big Church is a Christian dating site that demonstrates the need for Catholics and Christians to actively play a role in each other’s social lives. There are many user-friendly tools to make it easy to surf and navigate across the pages and content in general. You get lots of activities, all the time, under the premium membership.


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