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With how the world is dependent about the world wide web and its many realms and features, it is no surprise that even in terms of satisfying our very own sexual desires, we turn to this giant den filled with surprising content that may or may not be good for our soul. Nevertheless, the internet is crawling with thousands of amazing porn sites that cater to each every single fetish an individual or a group could have. There are a lot of themes being thrown out there that the place itself is a mixture of really good stuff and just plain bad stuff. More so, with the porn industry on the rise and a lot of other stuff are being added from time to time, it is getting a little bit hard to find and get the good stuff without the extra baggage. It also is a bit challenging to find the best ones when you are faced with hundreds of other porn sites that give out the same vibe and theme.

So, what makes a porn site so good, so satisfactory, and so amazing? Well, there are a lot of factors that contribute to that. First off, the site itself needs to have a good rep. Second, the content needs to be glorious minus the thought of paying a huge sum of fee. Third, it needs to keep you hooked, no matter what it initially brings to your screen. This is exactly what the Hustler network is all about. Hustler, if you are familiar, was once and still is the pinnacle (or maybe one) of great porno materials. Before heaving and going for porn sites, Hustler already had a not so brief history of pornographic satisfaction in their hands. Hustler was a porn magazine before anything else. With that in mind, the latter when on par with other big named magazines, who indulged in the same matter at hand, like Playboy and Penthouse.

Truthfully though, Hustler topped it for me by going all out with nudes and the ladies, and now, they have expanded to the digital world and introduced a bunch of unique porn sites under their network. One of these uniquely great porn sites is BeaverHunt. I like to refer to BeaverHunt as the start of an aspiring porn star’s career caught on film. Actually, the theme of the site revolves on a lot of things including amateur girls, hardcore sex, and soft core porn. Not only does BeaverHunt revel in the fact that they get to hold auditions for hot women all over the country, but they try to make moments for these girls and giving them major breaks.

BeaverHunt is where you will find the girls submitting their nude photos and videos to the network, as well as find girls engaging in their very first filmed sex video. The site is something I consider modern and unique and we get to see a world we have never seen before. Hustler really played it all out when they delivered this piece of good meat to the public. Sure, there may be others that share the same idea but none could bring it on other than Hustler itself. With BeaverHunt, a lot of things are covered and a lot of girls are being stripped naked. The ladies here are then anal and pussy fucked, finger banged, pussy licked, toyed with pleasure toys, gang banged, made to join orgies, and so much more. The site could be hardcore but there is a little soft core going on here and it is not too bad either. Rather, it is fresh but really erotic, if I must say so.

Site Specifics

BeaverHunt likes the audience to keep their focus on the content rather than what it is made of. If you are curious about the features, you will have to sign up as a member because reading it on a review just does not do it justice. BeaverHunt is an amazing site and deserves all the attention it gets, including yours. The site is mostly in white background, with dark colored fonts that accentuate the whole theme. Because of this, the subscribers are to focus more on the content and nothing else. Right now, BeaverHunt has around 250+ photo galleries with about 25 photos each inside. All seem to be in hi res and can be downloaded and saved via zip files or individually.

The updates seem to be going constantly at a really good pace, with 1 or 2 uploads per week. Sometimes, it comes across as 6 or 8 per month. With the porn site’s size, expect to find a lot of activities to be done here. You can comment on videos where other people can see them and probably respond to them. You may also rate the videos to whatever it is you like, one star to five stars. One the lowest and five the highest. There is a model index but no biographies of the models whatsoever. You do get their names and their portraits and when clicked, it will lead you to where their corresponding videos are. With your BeaverHunt membership, you have access to a lot of other sites that are under the Hustler Network for free. Do not forget to check these out because they are all really good, too.

Models and Videos

BeaverHunt has currently 180+ DVD’s at the moment and all last for about 100 minutes each. These movies have great qualities and often start out with a 720 x 480 pixel resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. You may download the movies or stream them in your browser as long as you have an embedded Flash player, make sure it is also updated. Downloading them to your device will let you choose whether you want it saved in MP4 format or WMV format, nevertheless, you get the same resolutions.


BeaverHunt is the perfect place to hang out when you want to see girls in all their glory trying hard to land porn roles. Their dreams will not be shattered as they give out mind blowing performances, all in the name of their passion. You will love the content and the quality here and so much more.


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