Bad Milfs

Bad Milfs

Brief Description

An incredible addition to the Team Skeet network, Bad MILFs is a MILF porn site that was just recently launched during the first quarter of 2017. It has some of the best sexy MILF porn videos that I have seen among the newest porn sites in the business. Aside from sexy and naughty concepts, Bad MILF also has MILF HD videos and photos that you will surely enjoy to your heart’s content.

Site Specifics

Bad MILF is an extremely new site that has all the things that we are looking for in a good porn site. You’ll first get to see a site exclusively for Bad MILF before everything else. Here, you will get a comprehensive recap of what to expect from the site, like the type of contents, a sneak peak of the scenes, and a good look at the models. In fact, it looks like a complete site already but once you login, you will be redirected to the main website where you can see the entire collection from the Team Skeet network. The main site has everything that you need to get the most out of your membership. Since the site is bombarded with lots of contents from different porn sites, a very helpful dropdown menu is on the most visible part of the page where you can use it to locate Bad MILFs from the list.

This will filter the videos and only display those from the Bad MILFs porn site. The videos are displayed well on the page so you won’t be intimidated to browse through it. Not only that, that pictures are also carefully and nicely presented in the photos section. You can find enough information on the videos such as the video title, a short summary of the scene, the models who starred in the video, the duration of the video, the number of likes and the number of views. Aside from giving likes and ratings, you can also give out comments for each videos. There is also a models index where you can find some interesting information about the models. So if you have any of the models who caught your attention, you definitely know where to go.

In this special section of the site, you will find the model’s picture where you can have a nice look on her naked upper body, the model’s name, and the model’s age. Aside from that, you can also see a list of the videos that she starred on. In this section, you can also find 3 options to filter the models. One option will display all the models who played the girl roles in the scenes. These girls are the amateur and fresh-looking girls in the videos. The MILF option, on the other hand, are the sizzling hot professional models that are on the scenes. Aside from these pages, you can also find an interesting page where you can enjoy watching over 2300 movies. These movies are the site’s bonus treat to all its members who wish to watch more porn videos.

Speaking of videos, all the videos that you can find in the site can be viewed up to 1080p when downloaded into an MP4 format and up to 720p when streamed using the site’s in-browser Flash player. The videos are approximately 40 minutes long and can be downloaded and streamed as much as you like. The photos are also uploaded in excellent quality with over 200 pictures included in each photo sets. It can also be downloaded in zip files without limits. Currently, there are approximately 12 scenes and 12 photo galleries in Bad MILF’s collection.

Models and Videos

So what can you expect from Bad MILFs? Basically, you can expect a wide variety of models here, not only when it comes to beauty but also when it comes the model’s ages. So first things first, the models look very gorgeous. There are charming faces while there are those foxy faces that every man also likes. When it comes to age, you can see that there are models who are still just starting in the porn industry as you can see it with their fresh-looking faces and slender body frames. On the other hand, you can also notice the matured models who play as MILFs in the scenes and their full-grown body. With that, we can say that there are amateur and professional models in this site. Some of the amateur girls that are really doing good with their performances are Jill Kassidy, Bella Rose, and Emma Hix. Alexis Fawx, India Summers, and Alana Cruise are the hot MILFs that you should also keep an eye on the scenes. Amateur or professional, it’s really difficult to separate these models from the other because all of them are doing a really good job in the videos.

A typical scene usually revolves around these MILFs who want to teach their girls a lesson. And it’s not just any other ordinary lesson because these are sex lessons that they want their girls to learn by heart. The interesting part of the lesson is that you can see these MILFs join the actual sex and you can see that they’re also enjoying the company. Aside from these sweet “mother teaches girls” storylines, there are also scenes where you’ll see these MILFs intentionally seduce their girl’s boyfriends. In the end, instead of expecting an aggravated girl, you will see that these three characters enjoy pleasing each other. There are blowjobs, cumshots and lesbian actions in the scenes that you should definitely watch out.


Bad MILFs is a good site to start with if you want to explore a combination of mature and amateur porn. The amateur girls and the mature models in one video make it very appealing to a wide range of audience. It also makes the scene more fun and interesting. Aside from the storylines, you can also enjoy excellent quality videos and photos. You won’t have to face with crappy and pixelated videos anywhere from the site.


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