American Mean Girls

American Mean Girls

Brief Description

Great hardcore porn site, AmericanMeanGirls is the best destination for your femdom fetishes. Gathered here are only the hottest and naughtiest American sweethearts whom you can’t say no. They are beautiful and they are mean, your perfect combination of a darling in full control. The guys here are more than willing to submit themselves to these chicks and do everything as they wish. If you’re craving to see the best femdom scenes in miles around, then you should really be here.

Site Specifics

The website is striking and powerful even at first sight. The darlings are all stunning and they’ve got class and sophistication like those famous models and Hollywood actresses. The banner shows you a variety of darlings in different domination interactions. Most of them are shown sitting on a sofa and toying with a naked guy. The submissive guys here are often shown with handcuffs and blindfolds.

The tour will prove to you that men aren’t always in control. And when it comes to the sexual sense, you wouldn’t believe that darlings in power could give you a kind of orgasm you’ve never thought possible. The scenes are well-lighted and the settings are well-elaborate. You would see a plethora of sexy darlings, usually gathered up for a party. But guess what makes the party merrier? Of course, the presence of guys that are willing to be played upon!

Not only will the content of this site give you chills and incredible visual pleasure. Browse down and you would see a lot of indoor and outdoor sex parties. You only need to hover your cursor over a particular thumbnail and you would see a set of horny screenshots. If you want to see some of the actions, you can just click and a steamy blog will be shown to you. This is such a good summary of the actions that can be enjoyed once you’ve gotten full access to the videos. Well, you only need to sign up. Just below each video, you would see the options to stream or download the videos.

The featured info at the bottom of the homepage would surely add to your excitement. Aside from the easy access to the newest addition to the collection, as a member, you have the option to order a custom video! There are available categories that you can choose from. You can also request your models and the length of the film. Just make sure to include a detailed description of what you want to see. The staff of the site will then contact you about your requests and tell you how it is going. Don’t worry, AmericanMeanGirls always do its best just to satisfy your femdom fetishes to the fullest.

And this is one of the greatest news! If you think you are ready to be a porn star of your own, you can take part in the actions! Yes, this site welcomes everyone who wants to see themselves even just once in the limelight. You can start by shooting your own video, posing as a sex slave and submitting it to the site. Just make sure to read about the details and FAQs.

Models and Videos

They are often seen in groups here and they party for as long as they want. What makes them feel so merry is the fact that there are submissive guys here whom they can  control and play upon. The actions are offered in the highest visual quality possible and they update on such a consistent basis. The guys are fully dominated and you would see lots of blindfolds, handcuffs, whip, ropes and everything that is associated with sexual domination.


If femdom is the name of your porn, then it’s time to settle down here at AmericanMeanGirls! The most sophisticated darlings are waiting for you here with their whips and handcuffs. Are you one of those who enjoyed being controlled and dominated when it comes to sex? Well, this American dungeon is made for you. Whether you crave for rough indoor or outdoor scenes, the darlings here would surely give you the wild and merciless sexual actions that you dream to see.


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