Brief Description

If you have a thing for Asian sluts then the site Yellow Spinners is the site for you. The site has an interesting name and so is the content which they present before you. There is a plethora of hot Asian chicks on display and each of them will be seen riding on their cocks and spinning erotically as they get banged hard. If you are bored from the mediocratic porn videos then the site will help you skip the boring stuff and make you go straight into the main stream of things. The thrusting you will come across are some of the best in the porn world and each of them will be shot in HD resolutions. The videos are also in decent lengths and will give you ample display of these girls being literally torn apart by huge cocks. You will also find that the girls who feature in them are superb in looks as well as the figures which they support and the way they sit down to take cocks inside their mouth and also hop on to those huge bones and swirl over them, will give you all the sexcitement which you crave for. This website along with Asian GF Videos make up for the Long Time Pass Network and in its short span of time has managed to make a name which not many are able to. These Asian chicks are so elfin and the way they arm or rub their partners’ thing will be extremely heart pleasing. Plus the sight of a sultry Asian chick whimpering her Asian language under their partners’ assault as well as watching her literally rolling on their dicks will definitely get your juices flowing. The site has a good download speed and using that to your own advantage, you will always get a favourable download speed to obtain your videos. There are no restrictions imposed by the site and hence you will be able to enjoy unlimited downloads. These Asian sluts will bring out their eroticness on the surface level and their hard-core twosome, threesome, foursome videos will prove to be a very good reason to set up affiliation here. Most of the videos will be seen girls being drenched in hot muck but you will not be able to see that as you are not a member of the site. So how do you set up an account? Just refer to the remainder of the review.

Site Specifics

The website is simple and as you enter the site, you will find that there is no fuss when it comes to accessing the home page. There is not much in terms of the navigation panels as all the contents are properly displayed at the home page itself and since everything is present, you do not need options to go anywhere. The latest updates are lined properly and all you need to do is click on the previews present to check out the quality of the videos. They are superb in picture and sound quality and will give you a brief introduction about what the video is dealing with. Plus you will also come to know about the quality rendered by the website. However the site makes it mandatory for you to get an account and so you will have to give the site some of your personal details such as your name, your age and also your email address and along with that you will also have to select a username and its password. If you are worried about the safety of your details, then you can skip your worries as the site is very sound in its security. You can also check out the videos and the pictures using your smart phone as the site is compatible with some of the renowned operating systems in the realm. Account set up is also an option which can be done with your smart phones. The rates of subscriptions will be displayed on the account set up page and selecting the one which appeals to the pockets, you will have to submit your request. The site will instantly confirm you about the status of your account and if the verdict is a positive one, then that means that you are one of its affiliates and you can access all the videos and pictures within your reach. This is applicable for the bonus sites also. The additions which is obtained by the site is also quite impressive and that means that whenever you visit the site, you will get a great combination of hard-core amateur videos to download as well as stream online.

Models and Videos

The girls who feature in the site are amateur girls and their erotic rendezvous are shot with advanced cameras. The video formats are in 1080p HD and they are downloadable in MP4, MPEG, MOV formats. They are also streamed online as flash files in 1920x720p HD. The older videos are in lesser formats such as 720×540 HD formats but still appear to crisp and clear in both picture as well as sound quality. The same can be said for the pictures which are clear, vibrant and clarity filled. They are beautifully shot, covering all the essential aspects such as the lighting, the exposure, the sharpness and the guys responsible for doing so have to be bestowed with heaps of praises. They can also be viewed online as slide shows as well as downloaded as zip files without any problems. The lengths of the videos are decent sized giving you ample opportunity to play around with your bones. There are also plenty of bonus sites and the best thing here is that they are completely uncensored and the main scenes are not covered by pixels.


Thus concluding the website Yellow spinners offers an exclusive collection of hard core amateur action which you won’t find anywhere else. The chicks are hot, they are horny and cock thirsty and are always up for any erotic rendezvous which opportunity present before them. The subscriptions are cost effective and the bonus sites offered are mind boggling. So we can say that becoming a member will give you good value for money.


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