Brief Description

Ahh… webcams. It’s one of the best inventions of all time. Because of that, you can now see loved ones from far away, have online conferences, and of course, online sex. That’s right, you can have sex online! You just have to go online to some site and pay a girl to do stuff you want to do whatever you want them to do! They’ll show you their fresh, pink pussies, show their gaping asses to you, play with them with their fingers or by inserting dildos and/or vibrators to them, everything you want them to do! That’s what you do there, and there’s no better site for looking it up than XLoveCam! This site showcases some of the most beautiful girls in Europe! They’ll do anything for you, that is, of course, with a price. This price though is negligible as these girls do the hottest things on cam just for you! Check out XLoveCam!

Site Specifics

This site is very well designed. First up that really needs mentioning is the ease of access for every feature in the site. You can see all you want to see immediately after entering the site or they’re just 1 to 2 clicks away from you. It’s super simple. The page you see first is the page where you can see the Live Webcams. You can see all the people that are available at that time. In the left-hand side of the interface you can see some buttons which you might like. First up on the list is the Your Favorite Models button. Clicking on this will let you see all the models you have favorited (if such a word exists). You can choose a girl (or girls) to be your favorite(s) by hovering your cursor on the image that shows the girl, and then on the lower left portion of the image click on the blank star. Once you do, it will become yellow, indicating that this girl is one of your favorites now. The next button is the Recent Models Viewed button, which allows you to see the most recent models you have viewed. Pretty self-explanatory.

The All Models button follows, and allows you to see all the models that are available in the site. One of the coolest features in the site is the ability to choose the display size, which you can see after the All Models button. You can choose the size of the images that display the models. Doing this in tandem with another feature of the site, which is the Profile Photo feature that is found below the part where you can change display sizes actually allows you to see some things she does in her room for free! Of course, that’s only a preview, but this preview is already enough to give you a taste of what you’re in for and helps you choose a girl to pay for. Below that are the ways to sort the site, like sorting by the recommendations of the site owners, by the girls who logged in the latest, by alphabetical order, by the most recent models, by HD videos, by best rating, by votes, by loves, by rates, or simply randomize the sorting, for more fun. You can choose what categories you want too. You can even choose your language preference. You can choose what type of chat the models use, you can choose by rate of the model that can fit your budget.

You can further filter the models by their age, their bust size, by how hairy their sex parts are, by hair color, by hair length, by eye color, height, weight and even by their ethnicity. This is how good the filters and sorting capabilities of this site are. That’s only for the Live Webcams part. You can see more stuff like videos, the daily top 5, and the ways to purchase credits up on top of the site. What’s more, this site is actually mobile-friendly. The mobile site actually looks really good and the quality of the cameras can match what is shown with the PC version. In the mobile site, there’s this extra feature, where you can tap on the little camera icon on the image that shows the preview of the girl and you can immediately see the girl’s cam live! This site is a membership site. However, you don’t have to pay to join. You can join for free! You can use BitPay or by bank transfer.

Models and Videos

As was tackled previously, the girls in this site are all European girls. All these girls are willing to let people through the webcam look at their naked bodies and let these people watch as they pleasure themselves with their fingers or insert huge dildos in them. They play with their clits, their pussies, and do some other hot stuff that is simply oh so satisfying. There are over 100,000 models in this site, way more than most, if not all pornsites!

They come from different countries in Europe, such as Great Britain, Italy, France, Germany, etc. They come in different hair colors, whether they be blondes, redheads, chestnut-colored, brunettes or black-haired girls. Now, these girls are all from Europe, but it doesn’t mean that there are no Asians, Blacks, or any other ethnicities that are present. That’s why you can still enjoy whatever your preferences are! You can even choose the girl that’s in your strike zone, as the site features girls of any kind!

Now, you can choose whether you want a girl that’s really showing it to you live, or you can opt to see some videos of these girls doing it instead. The videos are still pretty good, it can even be shown in HD. You still see the girls doing hot stuff in their room using the videos, just that it’s not live. With the live webcams, you can actually say what you want to the girls and request what you want to see.


Let’s recap. You get a site that is really easy to navigate, allows you to change the sizes of the preview images, allows a sneak peek of some of the girls for free, a site that features free membership, powerful sorting and filtering function, features some HD videos and cams, mobile-friendly, 100,000 European models that also include people of other ethnic groups, and these performers doing the hottest stuff on cam. Yep, this site is the best. 10/10. XLoveCam is the best, people. Join for free now!


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