Brief Description

Don’t you just love it when there is an introduction of new technology in porn videos? Then might we say you will really love what you are going to hear next? Presenting to you WankzVR. A porn site that exclusively showcases VR-based videos. All the videos here are of a stunning quality and you will truly experience VR-based videos first hand here. This is perfect for those who are looking for more than just a regular porn video. All the videos here will make you feel as if you were having sex yourself, rather than just watching a video. We are sure you must be very curious about this porn site and we suggest that you continue reading our review to know more about it.

Site Specifics

We just love porn sites that have a very simple theme and design to it. And this is exactly what you will find on WankzVR. The makers of this porn site really wanted it to look very clean and professional. And have managed to very successfully achieve this objective. The colors that they have used for this porn site is mainly black and gray. And have thumbnails of the porn videos images across the website. The start of the tour page has an amazing slideshow of images of sexy women doing some nasty and dirty things. The tour page has thumbnails of all the top videos they have on their website along with a little description of it. All in all, the porn site’s layout and design really intrigued us and made us want to browse on it more and more.

Models and Videos

We must admit that this is one of the most impressive and fantastic technical aspects of a porn site we have seen in the longest time. Very few porn sites can ever match up to such high-quality content that WankzVR has got for us to offer. To begin with, we must say that the quantity of videos on this porn site is not great. You will come across 30+ videos when you sign up here. This is because this is a very newly launched porn site. But do not be sad or confused whether to sign up to it or not. The guys here are working extremely hard to make sure that you will be given new porn content as quick as possible. These guys update their porn site on a weekly basis.

So, there will always be new content that will be added. And whatever these guys have not made up in quantity, have most certainly made up in quality. This porn site has the best quality you will ever come across for a long time. All the videos here are recorded in full HD. And there are many of these videos that are shot in 4K! How often do you see 4K porn videos? Definitely, not too often, we are sure. But that is not all, these videos are available for download in MP4 or in M4V formats. And if you do not wish to download, then you can also stream these porn videos on the porn site itself.

The resolution of these videos really stunned us. It is honestly one of the best we have seen lately. The highest resolution of these videos is 3200 x 1600 @ 9000+ kbps! We get it, that it just sounds too good to be true. But trust us, that is a very real number! And another fabulous thing they have put for us into this porn site is that you can download these videos in a format that is compatible with a VR device alone. So, there are videos individually for Gear VR, Oculus and the handy-dandy smartphones. But we must admit, that these videos are best watched in a VR gear. So, if you do not own one, we seriously suggest that you pick one up for yourself. We guarantee you that it will be worth every penny for this porn site.

The girls here are just awesome. We can assure you that when you switch on the video and watch these girls do their thing, your cocks are going to turn hard in just a few seconds. These girls are all unapologetically wild, crazy and horny. They know very well what a man truly likes in bed and know exactly how to deliver it. They do not have any reservations. They will do absolutely anything and everything to ensure that you are having a great time when you are watching all their videos.

And the best of it all is that you can watch all of this through the VR gear and it will completely get rid of the fact that it is a porn video that you are watching. After a certain point, you will be thoroughly convinced that it is you who is banging that sexy bitch and making her drop to her knees. You are really going to love shoving your monster cock into the hot bitches’ tight ass. And just so you know how hot these girls are, you have famous hotties like Ella Nova, Harley Jade, Elsa Jean and many such hotties just like that. Turned on, aren’t you? Head to WankzVR right now.


We have listed you enough reasons to sign up to this porn site, we believe. There honestly are very few porn sites out there that have VR-based videos, and not just that, but that have videos as awesome as the videos on WankzVR. The videos here are of stunning quality like any other. Add to the fact that these girls here are just plain hot and tantalizing and their performance is just brilliant. Are these not good enough reasons for you to sign up? Then you will seriously love what they have got to offer for you. Upon signing up to this porn site you will get access to many other non-VR based porn sites too. Now, this must be the deal of the century and it would be foolish not to take advantage of it. So, do that right now.


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