Vyxen Steel

Vyxen Steel

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The famous porn actor Vyxen Steel was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on March 29 in 1992. She is a beautiful girl with green eyes and openly confesses that she loves anal sex. She grew up just like any other girl but she loved going to the club for fun. She was out going and she still is and has never had a problem mingling and making friends. She wasn’t a fan of education and knew what she wanted to do. The funny thing about Vyxen Steel is that she discovered porn while exploring on her own before she entered in the industry. She admired porn stars like Sasha Grey and wanted to be like them. This encouraged her to start performing porn and she began at good point by doing it just the way viewers loved it. She appeared in big companies’ porn movies and they include the X-rated features that belong to Dogfart, Pegas productions, Evil Angel, pulse distribution and Elegant Angel.

Her name Vyxen is German and it means the female fox malicious woman while on the other hand her last name Steel was attributed to her favorite heavy metal rock by the Steel Panther band. Steel states that for one to be a porn star he or she should be able to discover his or her body in a way a regular civilian would not do. She also knows that she is pretty and uses the hot body to create unbelievable sexy shows.

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Vyxen Steel is an amazing performer who is one of hardcore performers and totally doing fine in the field of dirtiest scenes ever based on porn. She actually stars in the Burning Angels the most parody is titled Hot Tub Whore Machine, in this movie she stands to be a woman who is concerned with the masturbatory powers referred as a hot tub. The most exciting scenes that Steel produced includes one with Mr. Pete and Erik Everhead that is concerned with parody scene. In this scene, she feels being fucked air tight AKA ass pussy as well as the mouth. She feels even starting the scenes with very brilliant costumes ever.

Among other things that Steel has produced are the DVD in these scenes she gives a hundred percent as she ensures that there are great filthiness and squirting as possible. This is true because every movie she has done goes beyond your regular porn action. She is not afraid to the most terrific sex scenes that every viewer will find incredibly sexy. A porn movie gives you joy and excitement depending on the actress; Vyxen has mastered her art and makes every scene count,

Models and Videos

Steel has been in the field of porn for more than five years and she has explored all types of scenes including the amazing Anal, DPs group sex and others. Actually, this is seen on her side as scenarios of fantasy. She is perfect in every scene and you will be forgiven that she specializes in the one that you get to watch. She has no limit and will not stop until she has given her all in every scene. This is what keeps her fans glued to the screen with jaws dropped and plenty of heat between their legs.

When performing porn she appears to love it and she even admitted that that every man is good to her as long as he is not afraid to pull her hair, throw her around and takes charge of it all. In every movie, Vyxen seems to discover and give something new. You can tell that she performs every scene with all her body and does not lose focus even for a second. It is funny that she seems to have all the fun and joy as her partners pound her with hard dicks and still get paid. Her attitude of giving her best and not worrying what other people think has made her win the hearts of many porn lovers.

In one interview Vyxen admitted that she likes her director that directs her scenes like Joanna Angel because she comes up with funniest and best parodies ever that enable Steel to produce the best scenes. Steel believes that every woman in this world is different and the pleasure she has is subjected to the eye of the beholder. And there is nothing wrong for any person to ask her what she actually does and what she doesn’t. she always connects with her partners in every scene.


It is true that when you visit her site Vyxen Steel.com you will not want to leave. This girl is sure one nasty and sexy porn star. She lives and does her fantasies giving the viewer good hot stuff to think about. On this site you can find hottest movies of her as well as photos, you will also discover that she plays all kind of porn. Truly as a porn lover you cannot afford not to watch her porn movies. They are spiced up and give you real porn, forget the simple ones of two people having sex. Vyxen knows what to give and leave you feeling hot as you stare at your computer screen.

This Canadian porn star takes her porn career seriously. Her boobs were enhanced to give the ultimate look of a porn star. She weighs 50 kgs and her height is 5 feet 4 inches. She has black or blonde hair. It depends on the scene she is performing. But bottom line is that Vyxen does take time to get ready for porn movie hence the amazing work in all her scenes.


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