Brief Description

The modern world has brought about a lot of changes. In the past, it was a taboo to talk openly about matters of the bedroom, and even worse, watch them. However, with much more open-mindedness, a lot of people have been able to embrace the idea of getting fulfillment on camera. While wives are asked to submit to their husbands, UltraCuckolds is a side that will change your perception of this. Here, only husbands who get on A+ in the bedroom have the right to ask for a submissive wife, otherwise, if he is not good enough or naughty enough, the wife puts him through the embracement of watching her get fucked by another man, probably one with a bigger dick to over compensate for the husband’s shortcomings. Even sadder is the fact that the husbands are asked to eat both their cum once the dirty deed is over. The action takes place in the bedroom and while sitting helplessly and watching it unfold, the sexy wife lays down the law.

Although this may have been unacceptable in the past, in today’s world, women on top is the new thing! Cuckolds are wives who are given up by their husbands for better fulfillment, thus the sites name, UltraCuckolds. Stereotypically, the wives only go for big black cocks, to make an assumption that the white ‘beefcake’ is not performing as it should. Then again, it is true what they say, if you do not treat your wife correctly, another man will do it for you.

If you love Cuckold sites then this one is perfect for you. It tops the charts not only because of its hell-fire hot action but high-definition videos and high-resolution pictures that would have you begging for much more than what you already see. All of the models on the platform are gorgeous and they will leave you wondering how on earth they cannot be fulfilled! If watching their wives getting banged tirelessly does not destroy these men’s ego and make them wake up from this slumber then nothing else will. The site proves that the sex department is simply one to be careful about because it makes or breaks a marriage.

UltraCuckolds was landed in 2010 and, for about six years of existence, it has always been able to bring good entertainment your way. The site is a classic example of a portal that is growing slowly but surely. Although the collection of videos is limited to this point, you can always get you fix from the 170+ photo galleries, each that comprises of an average of 80 pictures each. For half an hour, you will be enjoying your time on each flick, and like an addict, you will not have any choice but to want for more. The KickAssPaysNetwork has truly lived up to its name. The content here is kick ass!

Site Specifics

We have already established the fact that clarity is not one issue on this portal of pleasure. At all times, you will only be able to enjoy crystal clear viewing. As soon as you log into the members’ area, you will be left speechless by what you see. At the very top of the site are a few images and adverts on exactly what you have been missing out on. Then images showcase two Cuckolds getting down and dirty with a caution word that tells you that the same situation could also happen to you.

Also, the site lets you know that the content that you see here is 100% exclusive. There are three main categories inclusive of ‘homepage’, ‘wife’ and ‘next page’. On these areas, you can find all that you are looking for with the collection. The long scenes are broken down into episodes in order for them to be easily downloadable. They also come with a decent description and a free trailer to show you exactly what you will be missing if you do not choose to sign up to the platform.

Models and Videos

The sexy models who pose as wives are incredibly attractive and it is impossible not to get hard in the minute that you lay your eyes on them. You will enjoy the fact that they give their best and bring their A-game to every scene. You will absolutely love the way that they are unarmed and are only thinking about pleasure at its best. When they opt for other cocks, they go for the biggest black ones that would give them an orgasm with only a few strokes. Even though there is nothing more derogatory than subjecting their husbands to these viewing sessions, they have a ‘don’t care ‘attitude that would leave any of you wondering how heartless they can be. However, they are only being smart.

UltraCuckolds has all manner of women in store for you. There are average sized Milfs, chubby ones, those that are flat chested and those with silicon-pumped boobs. A few of them go by nicknames while others are identified by their real names. For instance, Flower Tucci is a Milf who loves black cocks more than anything else in the world. She clearly admits to her husband that she has never been able to feel the way that her interracial fucker makes her feel. We can only imagine that as the fuck session goes down, the poor husband is taking notes. Sympathize with him all you want but Flower Tucci does not really care. In the same token, you will get to enjoy Jessica Bangkok, Katya and many more. Some of the models are simply raunchy while others are more laid back and ease into the scenes.


UltraCuckolds is one of the few platforms that will leave you at the edge of your seat because you will have the anticipation of what’s coming. All of the models are hot and their interactions will send chills down your spine. The combination of professionalism and great features will give you the porn experience that you have always wanted.


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