True Amateur Models

True Amateur Models

Brief Description

This is a soft-core porn site that focuses most of its content on nude photography. The models are attractive amateurs with a fetish for nudity. These are true amateurs picked up from around town and asked to pose for a nude shot. Amateur models have a special place because they present a departure from what the template looks like.

Site Specifics

The site looks great. The landing page adopts a blue and black décor that creates an ambient atmosphere. The site features models from across world communities. One of the highlights of the site is the fact that it guarantees you crisp images. Their videos are all in HD form. There is sufficient variety to savor; from brunettes, black girls to blondes. I was impressed when I discovered that I could access the site with my mobile phone. Streaming is smooth and seamless. So I frequently visited their pages for some entertainment whenever I got time. The layout of the site is impressive. Even though there is no outright search tool available, there are several links and tags that lead to the actual content. There is a list of thumbnail shots from the various scenes. There are no bonus sites or live cam shows but you get plenty of entertainment from the videos and photos of spectacular and attractive women. I guess, due to the nature of the content, it is hard to find sites with similar or complementary content. Besides, these being amateur girls, I guess they would be hesitant to pose for live viewership by people they haven’t met. The videos and images displayed on this site are some of the best on the porn scene. In fact, the site deserves praise for presenting users with high quality content.

Models and Videos

The girls featured on this site are all energetic models in their prime. They are sweetly amateurish. They smile and blush a little when posing for shots. I love the display of sexy lingerie, and stimulating accessories the girls wear. The highest point of the entertainment for me came when I stumbled upon Kendra. She is one of the hot amateur girls featured on this site. Kendra is attractive and energetic. Her smooth flowing blonde hair is one of the attractive features I noted when I saw her caption. She has the soft and sexy smile that stops any man in his tracks. So I proceeded to explore her escapades. It was more rewarding than I had anticipated. In one of her scenes, Kendra sits with her limbs spread out so that the onlooker gets an almost 3D view of her perfectly sculptured body. She lies on her couch and allows the photo man to capture her pussy from behind. Abby is yet another attractive model that kept me salivating and wishing that the site could add a little more action. She is reported to be a restaurant employee. Abby is tall and sexy. She seems a little shy before she throws off her clothes and lets you have a complete view of her sexy figure. She sports a protruding pussy that would provide a perfect cushion for some thrusting by a dude in dog-style .Some of the girls are photographed in pairs, perhaps as a way to encourage each other. They all look great and innocently attractive. There are 50 video scenes that come with 8 minute playback spans. You also have over 793 galleries featuring 155n pics in each. He videos are available in Silverlight for streaming, WMV and MOV.


Trueamateurmodels is a site that seeks to satisfy cravings and fetishes of those who yearn to view attractive girls in their skin. I think the quality and quantity of content available on this site is something to remember with fondness.


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