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Blowjobs are good especially if the woman giving the blowjob knows what she is doing. When a woman can take you in her mouth and use her tongue to massage you to orgasm, there is no way you are not going to be dozing like a chick that night. If you have ever had a blowjob that left you with an orgasm that started from your head to your toes, then you know what I am talking about. Yes, it is possible to get this kind of orgasm without burying your dick in a pussy. All you need is to find a mouth that is willing to contain your dick for the time it takes for you to unload your juice. That was for blow jobs. So what about deep throating girls until tears run down their eyes as you invade their throats? The sensation is heavenly and if you can manage to get a girl to let you deep throat her in this way, you will never want to have a normal blow job ever again. If you don’t seem to get what I am talking about then head on to the website of throated to get an idea. Meanwhile, a word of caution before you rush to see what is on display. This is not your usual blowjob site where girls suck cock and swallow come. This one is very rough and very hard and if you are not one to withstand such roughness, then please keep off. If however, you like it rough and you like it hard, with a little suffering and misery, then continue to the site to see some of the most amazing scenes you never thought possible. On this site, you will find girls swallowing up some monster cocks to the balls. They will gag and struggle but the cocks are shoved into their throats. They are face fucked silly or better still throat fucked until they can take it no more. The problem is, the guys are so engrossed in what they are doing they care less about what is happening to the models. As the models struggle to breathe and feel comfortable, more cock is shoved down their throat. Each time they struggle to adjust, they get their throats loaded with more cock. Note that these are not the normal everyday cock that can be swallowed by just about any girl. These cocks are huge and sometimes the girls have to struggle to get their mouths to close around the dicks. This is a site for the hard-hearted and those who are happy to watch can choose to become members. It doesn’t take long as in three steps you should be done with registration and ready to watch full-length exclusive videos. Note that once you register on this site, you automatically gain access to all the sites on the Myxxxpass network. This means access to sites like immoralliveshow and sunlustxxx.

Site Specifics

The site has a main menu with items like scenes, photos, pornstars and sites. The pornstar page has the porn stars arranged according to names and according to most popular. You can also view the pornstars according to the most viewed and the highest rated. You can also use the drop down box at the right hand corner of the pornstar page to find models. Once you click on the drop down arrow, you can scroll through the different models to find the one you want. There is a search box that is included on the site. This can be used to find just about anything on the site. If you are interested in the immoralliveshows, you can get an idea on when the next one is scheduled by checking out the box carrying hours and minutes to the next immoral live show.

Models and Videos

The ability to take 8 to 10 inches of cock down your throat and still manage to look beautiful is not a skill that is given to everybody. As such you just have to applaud the models on this site who take several inches of cock and all the while looking sexy. It is totally understandable why the models on this site are professionals. Getting deep throated is not something that an amateur will be able to handle easily. However, these hot, cock hungry bitches are ready to do anything to get all of the huge cocks into their mouth and throat. They are only satisfied when they are up to the balls. No matter how curvy or cute these models are, there is one thing you can be sure of, they will take even the biggest cock down their throats. They may gag as it goes in but it must go in right to the balls before they will be fulfilled. The videos on the site are available in different formats which include; flash, mp4 and WMV. Even with the three different formats, you can get any of them in a low and high-quality version. The difference between the two is that one will occupy less space on your drive than the other. On the site, you will find over 500 videos to choose from. The videos also come with photo sets. Each photoset contains on average 175 pictures. With over 490 photo sets, it means members have access to over 85,000 pictures. These can be downloaded as zip files.


How do you get eight inches of cock to go down the throat of a horny girl? By wringing it into her mouth and letting her gag on it until you have all eight inches well packed in her throat. Throated brings to its members the most hard core and roughest deep throating ever. These are more than blowjobs as having a cock down the throat of a girl is nothing close to a normal blowjob. In actual fact, it is so rough only those who love this kind of porn will find it interesting. However, those who love it will be doubly entertained.


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