Third World Shemales

Third World Shemales

Brief Description

If there’s anything I’ve learned from porn it’s that anything is possible for as long as you think it. The nature of sex can only do so much but with the addition of imagination and willpower, you can pretty much achieve whatever kind of sexual nirvana you’ve ever dreamed of. So, if you want to have the experience of fucking a girl and guy at the same time, why not looking at shemales or trannies? They’re the best of both worlds and you won’t ever have a dull moment with them.

There’s one porn site that you can count on for some good shemale action and that’s Third World Shemales. An award winning porn site catered to the kinkiest folk out in the world. Shemale action that’s as intense as any other fetish can all be found here and you won’t ever have a hard time jacking off to any of what they have in store for their lucky visitors.

Site Specifics

The porn site boasts its amazing content as soon as you open the site. The words Award Winning are clearly stated on the top as the site is known far and wide on the third world media for its great content. There are two ongoing series on the site that they are proud to introduce to all the members new and old. Hardcore Ladyboy Scenes features the greatest scenes from their different Asian series videos like the Ladyboy Confidential. It’s filled with non-stop hardcore Thai transsexual action that you are surely going to love. The other series is Shemale Samba Mania that features their Brazilian dolls with balls. This is their longest running serie yet that has garnered a great following among the members.

The website itself is fairly easy to navigate around, especially since they’ve relaunched the site. It is compatible with all Apple phones, iPods and iPads, and all Android devices and the mobile version of the site is also very well done. A free tour of the site will show you around and give you a sneak peek of their videos. The title of the video sits on top the video itself with a few preview photos on the right side. A short description follows the photos and you can see when this particular video has been added as the date is shown on the bottom left side of the video.

Third World Shemales updates regularly with up to three videos per week. You can either stream these videos or download for your very own archive. The photos are also downloadable with a choice to download them as zip files. Every photo can be seen through their slideshow feature, so you don’t have to use your hands for anything else than jacking off. Every model and photo set can be rated according to your preference, so you can choose which of the lovely ladyboys is to your liking the most. With over three hundred models, twenty thousand photos and over three hundred videos in store, you are sure to have fun in there for quite a long time.

Models and Videos

The transsexual hotties of Third World Shemales are drop dead gorgeous sluts with nuts who are ready to suck that cock and get their own assholes filled with cum. It’s like a dream come true for them to get fucked so easily, so you won’t be disappointed with what they have waiting for you to check out. The variety you get is also fairly huge seeing that there are Asian chicks with dicks lying about and some South American dolls with balls to see for yourself, too. The amount of sex and fucking that these transsexual ladies go through is enough to fill your day, so be sure to check out every single one of these hotties as soon as you can.

One such beautiful ladyboy you need to see is Thailand cutie Yuri whose light skin shines exquisitely brighter than anyone else. Her skinny frame matches her get ups so well especially in racy lingerie sets. Her penis, which has been lovingly described as a Thai tulip dangle is one of her most defining features and makes her one of the most lovable chicks in the group. She can suck cock like a true porn star and fill up her anus with two full dildos. An amazing trans lady that many would love to see in action, Yuri goes above and beyond when enamoring the people through sex.

Then there’s this cutie pie Honey, who is lusted for over and over most likely because of that glowing façade she has and her cute foreskin sheathed penis. Honey is a sweet ladyboy who has set out to capture the hearts of everyone. The only thing left for you to do is to jerk off with as much intensity as she gives when she’s the one getting fucked senseless. A ladyboy who has a way with her sex toys, Honey doesn’t slow down when it comes to fucking, so she wills herself to do anything from crazy blowjobs, hardcore solo play to intense dick on dick action that you wouldn’t want to miss.


Third World Shemales is a prime porn site for all your sexual fantasies. It is gold material when it comes to transsexual porn and the world knows it. Armed with their beautiful models that will go miles for a good fuck, this porn site makes sure that not only are their customers satisfied but their models should be too. So, if you want some good trans porn like no other, then look no further than Third World Shemales.

Join the site today and enjoy their regular updates of up to three videos per week to satiate that carnal thirst for sex that lies deep within your loins. Have some fun with their models with over three hundred of them for you to choose from. Take your pick over their thousands of photos and hundreds of videos today and you won’t ever be sexually hungry ever again!


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