The Upper Floor

The Upper Floor

Brief Description

Symbolically speaking, there is a site called The Upper Floor, where a whole lot of kinky action takes place, and most people are familiar with the term, and most people do not have access to the upper floors. Well, now you do, and you are in for a ride, when you see what they do up there. The kinkiest kind of action, including ropes, leather, pinching of all sorts, the pleasure that the most hardcore can take, and that the most hardcore can watch.

Site Specifics

A site of such magnitude, and with such a name, surely deserves to have a nice design. Well, it does, and even more so, as nice is just the starting point. The background of the site is a dark red shade of a certain wallpaper, and it gives it that upper class look, while the menus and the other areas of the page, not including the banner with the logo, are also in that dark red shade, to give it a note of aristocracy, and a note of what is to come, and that is the intense action. When you scroll down the home page, you get to see those previews, the lot of them are not playable, but, by joining you get access to them, and that is just the tip of the hardcore iceberg. With all the content being sorted appropriately, either by date, number of views, rating, duration, or category, you can access it without losing a second of your time on searching. Well, there is a search bar, too, so that also helps speed up the process of finding your flavor of hardcore. The lack of lag is another thing that I found more than useful, as you can load as many videos as you prefer, and just keep watching, even on your mobile device.

Models and Videos

If you came here in hopes of seeing something hardcore, then you came to the right place, as there is nothing more hardcore than this site. The videos, stored in the archives, have a lot to show you, from all kinds of rope and tying up action, to the most incredible use of strap ons, with some very creative ideas that will get you more than aroused. And whichever type of sex is your favorite one, whether it might be girl on girl action, orgies, or even gay action. There is a mixture, too, where girls tie up guys and show them what penetration looks like, where they ravage their asses with said strap ons. Anal is among the most common things here, but so is pussy fucking, blowjobs and the facials, too. Though, those are not at the same level of hardcore as some of the rest of the things are, like a whole variety of videos where pinching and gangbanging are the highlights. With the quality of the said videos being of the most supreme, you get to see those crispy details, the pinch marks, the other kinds of intense marks, too. The best thing about it, is that you can watch live shows, every so often. With each week having at least one show, there is quite a lot to masturbate to, as you know the action is real, and not acted out, as most sites do it.


You will never want another hardcore site after visiting The Upper Floor. Not only does it have some of the kinkiest videos online, but it also features live shows, and has downloadable videos, all for its most loyal members. With a bit of action for everyone’s preference, you will certainly find your pleasure here, no matter how hardcore you are.


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