Brief Description

TeensInTheWoods is one of the greatest hardcore porn sites to watch most exclusively if you are into fetishes and some rather hardcore BDSM. In here, you will follow the adventures of the naughty girls that stray in the forest and as they tease and seduce each other, and then eventually have some naughty lesbian sex. They then are found by the mysterious Ranger Rick. Ranger Rick may seem like your average ordinary guy who helps lads find their way back but he is not. He is a sadistic guy who enjoys disciplining girls using his methods. By methods, I mean a whole lot of BDSM and a whole lot of hardcore sex. The girls seem pretty fazed at first but they start enjoying it a whole lot in a few minutes. Aside from the hardcore fucking you get to see, there are tons of fetishes being featured here, and some rather sensual lesbian activities. TeensInTheWoods is under the Fetish network and has only been launched last 2016. It has been nominated quite a few times and has won an award during that process.

Site Specifics

With a simple but convenient site design, TeensInTheWoods certainly know what is best for the members of their site. Also, both the navigation and site interface in here are straightforward, beneficial, and convenient in more ways than one. Browsing is just as easy and straightforward as you get various skimming options like the advanced search bar on the upper right corner of the site, the pagination link, the categories tags, and the sorting options you get. The main page is chock full of newly uploaded scenes and they are represented through their very own trailers and their rather vivid writeups. Speaking of scenes, it would seem like each scene has its own tags that you can always click through if you want to search for other scenes within the same genre.

As such, all the scenes are presented with a corresponding photo set that will give you around 80 beautifully taken shots. You can download these photo sets in zip files or view them on your browser through a slideshow. You can comment on the videos or rate them, while you can also add them to your favorites for easy access later on. With your membership in here, you get free access to numerous other hardcore porn sites that are under the Fetish network. With that, you can also access some live cam shows that come from the site but that is an extra fee but still worth checking out, nevertheless. Updates in here are done weekly, with one video added per week. Since the site is exclusive, you will only find the content in here and nowhere else.

Models and Videos

Around 15+ amateur porn stars are housed in here and despite being just amateurs, they certainly know how to rile up their audience with their intense performances and gorgeous faces (and bodies, to be honest). You will find familiar faces once in a while but that would probably be because you have skimmed through the network for quite some time. Like most Fetish network porn sites, TeensInTheWoods caters to some kind of fetish above anything else but their element in here is quite dark. Each scene seems to have the same introduction but differently presented. Two girls make it into the heart of the forest and then they engage into some really hot lesbian sex. Misbehaving girls, of course, is Ranger Rick’s favorite and as soon as he catches sight of both, one always goes missing and the other one always ends up in the cozy, isolated cabin he has in the woods. Of course, Ranger Rick is not the helpful kind of ranger you think he is. He loves to discipline misbehaving girls but more so, he loves to do BDSM on them, and have some delicious but hardcore sex. First, the girls seem frightened but as they go on being tied up, gagged, choked, and fucked, they enjoy the sensations altogether and even beg for more.

There are almost 20 videos in the site and they are beautifully captured and produced, plus they last for a glorious 50 minutes each. They are of really great quality as you get no less than the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution for both streaming and downloading. Streaming only requires a flash player on your browser. Make sure it is recently updated. Downloading will allow you to save the files in an mp4 format to your device. There is no download limit and streaming will let you resize the player on your browser as much as you want.


The video production in here is straight up amazing and you will see it even in their trailers. Yes, the ones you see in the trailers are the same thing, if not, a little better. That is exactly one of the many things that made me fall in love with this porn site. Its great quality videos they offer and the amazing sequencing they managed to achieve. Since the videos are longer than I expected, you get goodness that you will not be getting anywhere else. The action is exceedingly and extraordinarily hardcore and as intense as it may seem, they still managed to insert some delicious fetish play in there. The girls are gorgeous and it was surprising how they could naturally act. You have to admit that most porn sites can’t seem to give us the same quality of acting. The site’s features are something I would also like to mention as they are really beneficial to the members of the site. Kudos to the people behind this excruciatingly wonderful porn site. TeensInTheWoods is truly something worth checking out, no doubt about it.

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