Sue For Black

Sue For Black

Brief Description

The SueForBlack is named after its main star, Sue, who is a hot mature who has been in the swinging arena for over 20 years, at least that’s what she claims. On this portal, you are going to access her videos, along with about an additional 200+ flicks, feature other hotties. The sex is always interracial here, and the girls are getting banged hard, the actual niches range from regular one on one to four on one, with double penetration, turn-taking and a lot more. Even some submit-domination elements got their place in the flicks. Powered by the Remedy Cash program, the site is part of a 7-site network, which focuses on ethnic sex and BBWs mostly. As part of this network, the site launched somewhere about 2011, though the actual content started to be added somewhat later.

The site claims to have monthly updates, and it was recently redesigned and made to be mobile ready. As far as we could tell, the site seems to have updates, but there aren’t too much recent flicks. However, the overall selection of porn you get for your membership is pretty good: you are going to get a large porn collection, as you become a member, you get the six other sites included with your membership. With the exception of one site, all of the bonus portals feature ethnic porn, booty-hunting and BBWs. In fact, the other site which features Caucasians focuses on BBWs, in some nasty interracial scenarios. One of the best features of the SueForBlack is that it has exclusive content, which may be a bit old, but it’s unique at least.

Site Specifics

We usually prefer websites that has some effort put in them. The SueForBlack has “some” effort put into it, but not much, that’s why the tour page is a bit strange, and tour itself is quite ordinary. You can browse pictures and read some info about the featured updates, but there are no clips to view, which could have been a fine feature to add. Inside, you are going to find a menu, which can take you to the sites of the network, along with the actual content of this one.

The SueForBlack has streaming videos for you to enjoy, and you also have the option to take advantage of the download options. There are no HD videos on the SueForBlack, but these are really exciting porn scenes, and they are good watch, even if they don’t offer eye-meltingly good quality. Mostly MP4 files are on the site, and they play quite easily on mobiles too. Also, the site itself is now compatible with mobiles, so you can easily access these flicks from your favorite devices. It looks like the SueForBlack doesn’t offer photo galleries, but if stills are your thing, then the network site can give you some better quality shots with all kind of action featured on them.

Models and Videos

On the SueForBlack, you will find a collection of interracial porn videos, from the Black guys fucking White girls type. This is porn site, where the main star is a woman called Sue, who claims to be a real slut, eager for a hard Black cock. Sue is a MILF, and she seems to be a homely hottie… and she really knows how to handle big black cocks. She is a tight-bodied blonde, and as you will see, she actually has much experience in sex. Apart from Sue, you can enjoy the performance of some other, really hot Caucasian girls. They are not experienced, but their behavior tells that they know everything about handling hard cocks, and please their partners.

Now, we have to say that this site has the hottest cunts in this network. We don’t mean to offend the other girls of the network, but this site has some mainstreamer cuties with nice shapes, juicy pussies and barely any fat on their body. There are men among them who don’t mind a bit of fat, or even prefer big girls, but this site is really a good shot, at least by its models’ repertoire. The girls are from the 25-45 ages, so you can find here fresh hotties and some older models too, usually MILF and cougar categories.

As commendable as the girls are, so regular are the videos they are featured in. When we started to review this company’s sites, we were a bit overwhelmed by the Black on Black action, however the SueForBlack brought a fine change into the network. There is another site with Caucasians, but they are BBWs, so that’s not the same. Now, regarding the scenes they are the usual interracial stuff you can find around. These gorgeous Caucasian hotties are getting banged by one guy, and it’s not rare when another dude joins the fun.

There is a really good variety of niches covered, in difference to the network sites, here the girls’ appearance is not a niche on its own, you will find here anal penetration, double penetration and even creampies. Usually the same guys are featured, and they are producers, directors, cameramen and actors too. The flicks take place in bedrooms mostly, and though some of the feature a situations, it’s mostly semi-professional hardcore sex. There isn’t much variety, but the girls are almost always different, so you should watch these flicks for you to find some really fine chicks you can’t find anywhere else.


The SueForBlack is one of the two sites of this network that features Caucasians. As it doesn’t focus on booty and big body, you can find here some pretty sexy models. Sue, the main star of the site might be a bit old for you, but the other chicks are quite amazing, and they are going to bring in a fine variety of the membership. As the content is exclusive, you won’t gain access to these videos anywhere else, and the site’s 240+ videos are really worth watching. It’s kinky and sexy. If you are a man with a fixation for interracial sex, then you should certainly give a chance to this site.


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