Brief Description

Day by day as the internet expands and more and more websites come into existence, claiming to provide the best and sexiest porn films, it is natural to get roped into paying for videos that offer plain vanilla hardcore porn, which is what most sites offer. BDSM is a form of pornography that attracts many men and gives them the means to have strong masturbation, which cannot be attained when watching casual sex scenes.

The reason for this is that the women in this genre of porn have no control over the treatment they are receiving and give the impression of totally submissive sexual objects whose purpose is to be explored and tested upon so that your cock can be relieved and completely satisfied. However, there are not many solid porn sites that are capable of producing content of such kind. If you are seeking a site like this, you should consider Submissed.

Submissed is an amazing porn site that is surely worth your attention because its content is something that will make your cock to a boner in a matter of seconds, while your body temperature increases with each moment spent on the site. The best thing that you will attain on Submissed is diversity, as the site is full of videos that are waiting to be browsed and explored.

Finish reading the review so that you have a clearer picture of what the site is like, and what are the features that make it appealing and intriguing to a high extend.

Site Specifics

When talking about the layout design of Submissed, it must be mentioned that the layout is both functional and aesthetically reliable since it performs important functions that contribute to the overall quality of the site. There are no more clutters and ads to aggravate your experience of watching porn because this layout is free of any flashy aspects that have no purpose whatsoever.

Instead, you will find that every part of this site is designed nicely and clearly, and has its own function, which is peculiar for itself. It is important to mention that Submissed is part of a large network of BDSM porn videos, which is divided into several sites offering similar contents. For this purpose, the layout has to show a clear division line between each site, and a space suitable enough to be explored and enjoyed accordingly.

At the top of the page, there is a thumbnail for each site, individually revealing what the content of the site is and what to expect as a viewer. In addition, there are images and descriptions referring to the site and further introducing their characteristics. Because of this ordering, you will have full access to the site and find it easy to navigate its services. You will have a sense of unity and clarity as you go through the content and explore the videos.

The aesthetic value of the layout lies in the well-designed color scheme, which is used to support the content and make it stand out in front of your eyes. The color scheme consists of black and red as prime colors. These two colors resemble the whole nature of the site, as their connotations refer to several characteristics. For instance, black is associated with dominance, elegance, and clarity, while red is more subtle and seductive, thus giving you the necessary horny mood which will set your session and drive your sexual energy toward an ultimate climax.

All in all, the layout of Submissed is designed with a clear idea in mind and coherent realization in practice. The large thumbnails arranged in a grid format allow you to get to what you require quickly, without much ado. If you love such simple and well-functional layouts, then this one will quickly become your new favorite layout, as it takes you through the ocean of videos and gives you the support that you need to have a flawless masturbating session.

Models and Videos

As for the girls on this site, there are many things to be said and one paragraph is certainly not enough to list all their assets and merits. These women make Submissed meaningful in its name, as they subjugate their bodies to the will and dominance of the man fucking them. There are thousands of videos waiting to be explored, all of them featuring some hellish fiery girls.

You will find women of all sizes and skin colors, which are sexually appealing as they are. Their nicely shaped bodies will make your cock flourish as they are totally dominated and fucked dominantly. Dildos and vibrators are regular means of teasing their vaginas, and holding back their orgasms, till are begging for more, while their moans strike your ears for a long time.

Masturbating on this content is something that will make you addicted to the site, as you will acknowledge how powerful and relieving your ejaculation is in comparison to the experience you attain from other porn sites.

When talking about the technical aspects of the videos, we have to say that they are equally astonishing as the assets of the girls. There is more than 1000 porn flicks to be discovered, and each of them can be streamed online via the embedded player or downloaded directly to your personal devices. If you opt for downloading them, they appear in an MP4 format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 @ 10171 kbps. The quality of the resolution will give you all means necessary for a satisfactory masturbating session and ejaculating power that will make you cock finally relieved from the burdens of boiling cum. Every single video on Submissed will give you the pleasures you need.


Submissed is a site that you desperately need to consider because not such porn sites are found frequently these days. It is a very rare site in the porn world. This is probably the only site which has everything that will make you fall in love it. Every aspect of the site teems with seductive properties while the videos give you the ultimate blow of pleasure.


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