Stiletto Girl

Stiletto Girl

Brief Description

Want to see beautiful, sexy honeys clad in figure-hugging pencil skirts, silky stockings, and stunningly gorgeous stilettos? Then look no more than premium adult entertainment site, StilettoGirl! It’s just as you’d expect. StilettoGirl, as the name suggests, is home to some beautiful vixens prancing about in lovely stilettos. It’s a non-nude, fetish-oriented website that showcases a whole plethora of European chicks flaunting their lovely legs and feet in high heels. This website claims to provide all-exclusive videos and photos, most of which are in HD format. StilettoGirl is updated weekly, so its archive continues to expand. Photo sets are added at least once every two week, usually up to 4 new sets for each of the updates. Meanwhile, videos are added every week on different dates, usually providing members with at least 3 new videos to enjoy on each update. They really keep a nice schedule that’s certainly better than some other sites in this niche. With that said, expect more attractive, leggy ladies wearing shiny pumps coming your way every week!

Site Specifics

StilettoGirl is a real treat for the gentlemen who love the sight of gorgeous girls with perpetually long legs who love wearing lacy stockings, nylons, and a pair of stunning stilettos. The site is dedicated to providing high-quality content to satiate your foot fetish desire. Here, you can find a lot of exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. From the Members’ Area, you’ll immediately be taken for a nice spin. StilettoGirl has added more personality to their site, with three different messages from some of their self-confessed shoe fetishists. Under “Administration”, a beauty named Charlotte invites members to send her a sweet email should they wish to comment on anything from the website. Another gorgeous lady, Jenna, writes another intriguing piece about the “art of wearing stilettos”, while Jane provides juicy info about the fetish site. This really added a nice, personal touch to StilettoGirl, especially with the fact that the ladies are genuine fetishists who are passionate about what they do. While members aren’t treated to bonus sites, rest assured that everything you need to satisfy your sexual cravings is in this site. They could certainly use a few search and filter tools, but navigating the site isn’t that difficult and confusing. The site is divided into 4 different sections: one section for new videos, one for new photo sets, a dedicated page for the site’s stiletto girls, and a video archive for older flicks. At the time of writing, I found more than 80 elegant models in their Stiletto Girls page, all of whom are amateurs who have a thing for high heels and hosiery. From the models page, you can find snippets of info about each model, as well as links to their videos and photos.

Models and Videos

There’s really something so irresistible about a woman all wrapped up in seductive outfit, with a hint of lust and lace. The whole formula is completed with a pair of expensive designer shoes barely covering her smooth, tender feet. If you have a soft spot for this sort of fetish, then StilettoGirl has you covered. The site is home to some of the most beautiful amateur models who also happen to be shoe fetishists who love to prance around in their gorgeous high heels. Most of the ladies you’ll find here are white, ranging in age. Majority of the girls are slender, while others appear to be curvier. These ladies love to wear figure-hugging office-type clothes like pantsuits, coats, and pencil skirts; though you’ll also encounter some who prefer to strut their stuff with sexy lingerie and pantyhose. There are hundreds of videos and photos in their collection, and the numbers continue to grow by the week. The average length of the videos is 5 minutes, though some run for as long as 15 minutes. You can choose to download the videos in MP4 video format or stream it in the embedded streaming player. The quality of some of the flicks, especially the older releases, could come up a notch, but it’s not that bad and I like the way they filmed them. As for the newer updates, expect them to come in HD. In some of the flicks I watched, the ladies, with their elegant business suits, often go about their business as the cameraman follows them around. Sometimes, the one behind the camera comes up to the ladies, caressing their stockings and getting a feel of their shoes. Photo sets are just as juicy as the flicks, with rich and bright-looking stills of the ladies walking around indoors and outdoors while showcasing their legs and stilettos. There’s an average of 70 photos in each set, and they could be as large as 1280x1000px, or greater. While you can view them in slideshows or download individual photos, there’s no option to download and save the entire set in ZIP files.


StilettoGirl is a top online destination for foot fetish fans who love to watch sexy ladies with long legs, walking and strutting around in their gorgeous high heels. Well, that is if you have no complaints about a site with 0% nudity and really just focuses on sexy feet and legs, and stunning stilettos. StilettoGirl is a unique experience that caters to fans of high heels and amateur models. Content is sexy, fetish-centric, and teasingly softcore. Not everyone can appreciate this genre but it’s the personal dimension of this site that adds a certain level of intimacy between the ladies and the viewers. There are chicks walking around in cobblestone streets in their stilettos, you’ll be amazed how they remain elegant in those 4-inch high heels! Some flicks and photos appear to have been professionally shot in studios, with the girls having more freedom to reveal more skin in their sexy lingerie and pantyhose. Pure nudity, though, isn’t something you’ll find at StilettoGirl anytime soon. It goes without saying that StilettoGirl is one for the hardcore shoe fetish fan who finds erotic pleasure simply at the sight of a woman in heels. This means the world to them, and it’s great that there are sites like this one that caters to their specific needs and preferences. So if this genre is right up your alley, then StilettoGirl is not to be missed!


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