Brief Description

One of the best blowjob porn sites to watch, SluttyGaggers will introduce to you the faces of cock hungry Latinas and white chicks. The ladies here love to perform obscene blowjobs, intense deep throating, and ball licking, which always end in nasty, messy cumshots. These hot and horny ladies, who are nothing short of beautiful, will make you feel things as you watch them going down on thick cocks. Swallowing them up to the hilt, these slutty cock suckers are having the time of their lives by just devouring dick after dick presented to them. Some scenes do not stop there, as they also love getting fucked by the cocks they just sucked. Launched in December 2007 and under the HD Porn Pass network, SluttyGaggers has niches that sharply include deep throating, blow jobs, and hardcore sex.

Site Specifics

SluttyGaggers has a simple site design but is filled with thumbnails, photos, and collages that best explain the site. Despite the liveliness of that all, it is still kept at bay with its black and grey color scheme. You will probably notice here that most photos are of cocks and girls swallowing them up, but that is exactly what the site is all about, anyway. First off, the navigation system here is pretty simple to comprehend, more so when you use it. The links are easily found as they are located on the top menu bar, just below the site’s huge banner. The site interface and arrangement goes hand in hand in being both straightforward, organized, and just plain convenient. Overall, SluttyGaggers has a beneficial site design. If browsing is what you are worried about, fret not because you do get plenty of options to choose from. You can either wallow in the pagination link if you wish to skim through everything. You can also use both the advanced search bar and the categories toolbar to opt for a more precise way of searching things. You may also sort out the content using their dates, titles, popularity, rating, and number of views. The site is not mobile friendly but I did try it once and it actually worked well. There are just no portable video formats so you cannot save them there.

The site currently house almost 200+ photo sets that contain around 125 hi-res photos inside. You can download these in zip files or you may also save them solo; you may also view them in slideshow mode on your browser. The site is not really that big but you will be able to interact more with the content, as well as indulge in the features this site offers. You can comment on and rate the videos for others to see. You may also add them to your favorites later on so you can access the scenes easily in the future. A model index is present and it gives you both the names and portraits of the models in here. Only little information is given about them though. Despite the fact that you only get a few videos here for now, you can actually check out the bonus sites you get with your account for free. There are quite a number, so you will have much to watch while waiting for updates.

Models and Videos

With less than 70 videos to flaunt, you would think SluttyGaggers does not have what it takes to be a top notch porn site, but that is where you are wrong. The videos in the site are presented in great quality and each of them has this certain charm and appeal to it. No two videos are the same though the concept. Each scene starts out as a blow job and that is because that is exactly the theme of the site, which why it is named ‘Slutty Gaggers’. As each scene pans out, it sometimes ends up in some hardcore fucking and nothing less. Every single frame in the videos is exciting and there is so much to explore around here. The site currently houses around 20 models, all of which have different ethnicities from each other. They seem to be semi professionals, too.

You can stream the scenes in your browser with an updated Flash player or you can also download the scenes to your device in mp4 or wmv format. Whichever option you choose, you get a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution on majority of the videos. The older ones seem to have lower specs but are still pretty decent, if I must say so. All the scenes are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else.


Surely not the first blowjob porn site out there, but certainly one of the best. I can attest to that as I’m near my 6th month of loyal membership. This site whips out the best blow job scenes I have ever seen in the industry and they take deep throating to a whole new level, and as the girls devour an entire cock all by themselves, you could actually see how much that gives them pleasure. At this point on, I am ready to admit defeat and dub this as the greatest blowjob porn site ever. The girls are pretty cute, too. Of course, the influx of good things does not stop there as some hardcore sex can also be found. Just as I was pretty ecstatic that I have found something really good, I realized that their porn site only gave me the best quality videos ever and that really placed the icing on the cake for me. Definitely a must see, you should check out this one heck of a porn site or you will be missing out on a lot of things.

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