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Shop Lyfter

Brief Description

One of the finest hardcore porn sites to enjoy in the industry, ShopLyfter has this unique thing going on for them. Their plot is unlike any other, and in many cases, unique even in the realm of porn where everything goes on. In here, you will find cute girls who try and shoplift from a mall but then get caught while trying to do so. Brought to the office by the attending security guard, he threatens to charge the girls and not wanting any of that, they then offer themselves to the security guard for some serious blowjobs, deep throats, and even better, some good old fucking. Their names are then cleared afterwards, but not without offering pleasure. ShopLyfter is a site of rarity and is being managed by Paper Street Cash. It was launched back in March 2016 and ever since then, they have made significant progress and the site has grown to be even better. The sites primary niches include reality porn and hardcore sex.

Site Specifics

The site is simple and very well kept. It is straightforward as it is organized. Both navigation and site interface are simple to comprehend and utilize. It has tons of features to immerse yourself in so the site will never feel dull. The site has an all exclusive content and although it is relatively little, the updates are going quite well. In next to no time, the site is bound to grow even bigger. The links can be found on the top menu bar and you can browse the content by using the categories toolbar. You can also sort them out by their ratings and dates. There is no advanced search bar but you can make use of the latter. Each scene is provided with a vivid description, as well as a case number. You can both comment on and rate the videos; mind you, other people can see the comments and the ratings that will appear on each scene and the overall ratings.

There are also 35+ photo sets sitting in the site and each contains about 75+ hi-res photos. The photo sets can be downloaded in zip files, as well as saved individually. The photos are professionally taken and are in great quality. You will also notice the site has a link to its live cam shows but you will have to pay extra for some. Some others are for free, too. There are a few bonus sites in here that you should check out but that is just about it. Overall, ShopLyfter is a great site with plenty of features that will help you build an enjoyable time in here.

Models and Videos

ShopLyfter has around 35+ videos in their site but that amount is understandable since it has not been around for so long; after all, it was only launched in March 2016. Of course, the updates are going well although they can be a little inconsistent from time to time. Well, at least you could say that the site is growing in an inconsiderably decent amount. These 35+ videos contain the same theme but they are all presented in different ways. The models range from being blondes to brunettes, and you get the occasional redheads. There are around 20+ models in here that are bound to catch your attention – gorgeous ladies with banging hot bodies to flaunt, this right here could well be considered paradise. The scenes start out the same, with girls itching to shoplift but they eventually get caught. They then are taken down to the office where the security guard asks them about a few things and even threats to charge them. I guess it’s the girl’s slutty side that wells up during the entire ordeal because they then start offering “sexual services” to the man interrogating them. You will find blowjobs often, as well as some really good fucking. The scenes are presented in hard copies and have case numbers on them. It’s totally a wonderful theme to go for as it is both unique and juicy.

The scenes can easily be watched by streaming them on your browser with an embedded player. Do make sure that it has been recently updated but even if it is not, the site will just prompt you to do so. Just follow the steps and you are good to go. Streaming will let you watch the scenes in high definition with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. You may also opt to save your files in your device via downloading. This will let you save them in mp4 format with the same 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. Both streaming and downloading have a 12128k bit rate and the speed will be up to your internet connection. There is no download limit and you do get a full HD playback for every stream.


My time here is always great and it is thanks to the delicious plot they have offered the audience and more. The features of the site are really impressive and the videos itself are outstanding. The idea they pumped into this thing is really unique and I could say that only a few could pull it off, but above anything else, it would seem like this is the only site that practices these ideas and puts them go good use. ShopLyfter is a great porn site with plenty of potential. Since their launch, this particular adult site has only been giving the audience amazing HD quality. It also shows in their photos. I guess the best parts of the site are its plot and quality and I think that is what is most important. Overall, ShopLyfter is something I would certainly recommend to everyone out there who enjoys good reality porn with good hardcore sex to flaunt.

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