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She’s New

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Hello, there mates! Glad you are enjoying your newly acquired fuck worthy porn subscriptions. And we are so happy to be able to help you pick and choose the perfect porn site which perfectly suits your every day downloading, streaming, and general adult video entertainment needs with the help of course of our in-depth and so damn tasteful porn site reviews. After all, we are doing this to help budding and already true blue porn enthusiasts such as ourselves get acquainted with all the types and diverse pornographic niches that you can explore your pricks on if you know what I mean. Speak of the devil, we have a pretty neat surprise for you lads for we are featuring today one of the most superb sort of porn genre that we all love. The porn niche that we are talking about here is a sort of combination of two porn niches found in very lovely porn site which we believe will me make ask for more.

So with no further ado let us go ahead and start our today’s review by introducing to you ShesNew the very porn site that shall serve us our muse for today’s porn site review. Well for starters, using the word muse definitely suits this particular porn site, since just as we mentioned a while ago this porn site have merged two pornographic flavors in one high definition filled porn site. ShesNew is a porn site that is a result of the perfect marriage of amateur porn and totally hot ex or present girlfriend porn that we all love to see.

This subject of our porn site review has managed to also find a way to attract these potential hot girlfriend sluts in joining the adult film industry. And in our own opinion is a very smart move since after all the girls that are being showcased here are one hundred percent pure sluts in possession of a body so damn hot that seeing their assets will make you question your senses if they are perceiving them right. Trust us mate, we actually had a half an hour discussion if these glorious adult video girlfriends here are for real.

Site Specifics

The first thing that I can say about the website design of this porn site is that it is as fresh as its models. That is certainly true. From the different graphic elements of the page up to its background, you can definitely see the fresh and energetic vibe going on. First, the background looks like a sort of cork board, only that it is in this modern gray color (unlike the boring brown color that corkboards are usually in). As for the graphic design elements that we were talking about before, there are push pins and different types of post-it notes looking paper that made this page look like a page in a scrapbook.

And then, of course, there are the plain clear and crisp thumbnails that are always pleasant to see. Their thumbnails are as impressive as their videos because you can already see the premium high-definition quality in them. One of the thumbnails show a really wet and dripping pussy up close and my goodness, it is one of the pinkest and freshest pussies I’ve seen in a while. Not to mention that most of the pussies on porn look like they’ve been stretched out already, but this one? It looks really tight as if you’d even find it difficult to slip a pinky in! And thumbnails that show these kinds of details in videos are always good because it already gives you an idea of what type of scenes you are going to watch before you even get to download them.

Models and Videos

And let us not forget the girls that you are going to see on this porn site. After all, what can you expect from a site that’s entitled “ShesNew”, right? Well, only the newest porn stars of course! This porn site as you expect is filled only the most gorgeous amateur looking (even actual adult video amateur models) adult video models. And just as we have repeatedly emphasized in the previous parts of this porn site review, aside from the actual amateurs porn sluts here, the other girls being featured in this porn sites are actual exes and current slutty girlfriends who loves showing off their tits, twats, cunny, fuck holes, whatever you want to call it they love showing them off on camera. Like true blue exhibitionist that they already are, they will do anything just to get their pretty ass get pounded for the world to see.

That my friends is the reason why we love this porn site, the outstanding selection of adult video beauties coming from different genre of sluts who are all fresh looking amateurs who yearns for a lot of fucking. Not to mention, the overwhelming tastefully constructed display of fucking video delights that you can also see with real amateur high definition videos. I mean they are getting shot anywhere, even while talking to their old folks on the telephone. Speaking of pornographic video contents, you will also notice that as you probe further Winto this porn site that all the videos inside their large library of implicit contents were all shot using only the most updated video cameras in order to ensure excellent resolution for maximum viewing pleasure.


We will always love ourselves a porn site which stars the newest beauties in town. As our community baker says, it’s better when it’s hot and fresh! So, if you really love watching only the freshest beauties in town, then this porn site is really recommended for you. Finally, another reason why we really enjoyed watching the selections in ShesNew is because we believe that we might be watching the actual future of porn! No, really. We were so impressed by the fresh beauties that they have here so much so that we are sure that they are going to make it big! Enjoy!


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