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Share Adult

Brief Description

ShareAdult is a beautiful website that collects community imputed videos and pictures of high-quality amateur content. They give users a great experience and the sheer varsity of porn in here made me appreciate it a lot. This is a professional platform where you can download and upload great porn.

Site Specifics

ShareAdult is easy to navigate as the content is not overcrowded on the website. There are few menus to click on but the search bar is advanced as you can apply multiple filters in order to get to the content you want. As the videos on ShareAdult are mostly amateur, there are many topics that the videos and pictures are focused on. All pages of ShareAdult are clearly constructed as to make it easier for the user to get to the right content quick and enjoy great porn. The mobile version is not different from the original one but this is not an issue as having an easy to handle website makes it responsive and user-friendly on the mobile also. The layout shows preview pictures of videos. The videos are structured well and you can easily see that there are multiple types of videos. There is not much-written content but you probably entered the site for something else rather than reading about the girls that filmed the videos and took the photos.

Models and Videos

There are only white chicks on ShareAdult and most of them look great. Even though this is a community based amateur website, the selected content is only of great quality. You won`t find dirty, hard to watch porn but rather sexy women that take pleasure in what they do and could be porn stars if they would really want to. There is some hardcore footage on ShareAdult as the big breasted, sleazy women having sex in front of the camera can clearly take on a lot. And they also seem to enjoy it. I saw everything from threesomes to lesbian porn and anal sex. However, all videos have a few things in common. Firstly, all the girls in the videos seem to enjoy having sex. If they are not smiling they are moaning with pleasure. The best thing about amateur movies is that the women there usually feel in a safe environment and ShareAdult managed to capture that in the thousands of movies and many more photos that they post. Most videos are in 1080p High Definition. You can download them in wmv or mp4 format. The wmv`s are of about 20 MB and the mp4`s can get to 40MB. However, the download speed is awesome so you will download a video in a few seconds. For picture galleries you have about 15 photos of each girl. Gallery sizes are of about 7 to 10 MB but the pictures are great and you can download a whole bunch of them as zip files. Memberships are cheap taking the amount of data they have on the site into consideration. You can subscribe for 1, 3 or 6 months and take advantage of the best homemade porn on the internet. They update the collection with videos and photos on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day and if you have technical problems the customer service is there for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The people that administrate the site are clearly professionals. They know how to select the right content from the hundreds of videos that users upload daily and know how to prepare a great website for users in order for them to get to the right content easily.


I believe ShareAdult is one of the best amateur porn websites. The reason I say this is because they have a huge collection of community uploaded sex scenes that feature great looking women in various movies, videos of ex-girlfriends and other amateur content in high definition that you can access in a few clicks.


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