Sapphic Lovers

Sapphic Lovers

Brief Description

The porn industry is growing fast in today’s generation, and thank the heavens for the porn networks that actually take their time in making quality adult films for people to enjoy. Since the industry has been growing steadfastly and is branching into different types nowadays, it is kind of hard to land yourself in a worthwhile porn site. I get into that sort of trouble often times but I am not even mad about it. Sure, I pay and get disappointed but it is also a kind of lesson and experience for me. Moving on, one of the pinnacles of porn history is lesbian porn. Naturally, that comes first for me because what could be better than seeing two hot, gorgeous girls going down on each other in really steamy, erotic scenes that would warrant a sure erection? The answer is: none. Girls in general are really such a joy to watch and they really bring out the best in a man, especially when it comes to adult films.

My first experience from watching a lesbian adult film was rather quick since I felt really enthralled seeing two girls get horny for each other. It was an eye opening experience for me, and quite a good one, I might add. Since lesbian porn is at the top of their game, a lot of porn companies are actually going out of their way to provide the general public a great lesbian site; but with all these looming around, what certainty do we have that we end up in a really good one? Well, ExtremeMovieCash has the perfect answer to your prayers. The porn mogul seemed to have upped their game and now they have produced a rather great thing: SapphicLovers. SapphicLovers is essentially a lesbian porn site with really delicious lesbian scenes. Sapphic, if you are not too familiar of the term, basically means ‘lesbian’, it just sounds a tad too classy compared to the former, which really fits well with the entire thing since SapphicLovers does deliver an air of class, elegance, and gentility.

The fact that this is a porn site, you would think that this will be like one of those sites that just reeks of raunchy sex scenes but you are wrong. Despite being an adult site, this one right here has a tinge of gracefulness and noblesse compared to others. I am not sure if it is because they are all girls or maybe because of the way it was filmed, but regardless, the site itself is quite unique and really easy on the eyes. SapphicLovers is being operated by ExtremeMovieCash and was launched just last November 2014. The site has won numerous awards and has been nominated in some for great production. There is a lot going on in here and I am pretty certain that it will be hard to top this creation at the very moment. It is my favorite, after all. The niches being covered here are lesbian sex, hardcore sex, and porn videos, and you will see those in the flesh once you step foot in here. The site is basically about these gorgeous women making love to each other in plenty of different ways.

Site Specifics

SapphicLovers has a very simple website design but it speaks a lot; because of its simplicity, it will not be hard for a subscriber to focus on what is truly important at the very beginning. In spite of that feature, the website design remains stylish and still very upbeat. The white background and the pink borders are easily intensified while they use they grey and black fonts. The navigation is as simple as ABC and is literally a piece of cake. The user interface is very user friendly, the layout and arrangement is truly neat and orderly. The links are found easily on top of the page and that menu bar contains the most important links you will ever need to get by in the site. They are, however, very easy to understand and do not need any further explanation.

A membership is required to access the entirety of the site’s features. Although a trial membership is not available, you can find out a lot in your tour of the porn site. As of now, there are no photo galleries available for downloading or viewing in the site, which is not really new since ExtremeMovieCash rarely puts galleries in most of their porn sites. They do have video caps to substitute the absence of the photo sets. They might be not of the same quality but they still are in very good condition. All the things here are completely exclusive and these semi scripted scenes are absolutely a delight to watch. Along with your SapphicLovers membership, you also get to explore and access different bonus sites for free under the same network.

Models and Videos

Since this site is essentially a lesbian porn site, expect that everyone here is female. You get the likes of Dani Daniels and Elle Alexandria lick the heck out of each other. You have Delilah Blue and Heather Starlet doing the famous 69 position. Or watch Lexi Bloom and Sally Charles finger each other in the kitchen counter. The thing is, there is so much to see here in SapphicLovers and the videos are truly amazing and well produced. Sure, these are scripted but they are beautifully delivered. As I am writing, there are 100+ amazing scenes available for viewing here and all of these can only be seen here. You can watch them via streaming in your browser, just make sure you have you embedded Flash player updated. You can also download the scenes in your devices in either WMV or MP4 format. The pixel resolutions available for any of the two options stand at 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720. There is no download limit and a full-length playback is in really good quality.


If you wish to see really great lesbian adult flicks, then I am sure you are going to thoroughly enjoy every moment of your time here, folks. SapphicLovers does not only deliver a variety of lesbian scenes but they are of great quality, as well.


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