Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

Brief Description

The groans and the moans each night were really beginning to get at me and I just needed to know what my sister was up to. For the past nights, she has been consistently whimpering and making funny noises that tells me she was having an orgasm but who or what was making her have these number of orgasms each night? I have noticed of late that she was always staying up late and working on her computer. Or was she really working? I needed to know what she was up to because these groans were really beginning to get at me. Out of curiosity, I planned to peek into her room and try to see what she was up to. The other night was my lucky night. She had forgotten to lock her door and I managed to open it without drawing attention to myself.

She was busy playing with her pussy and moaning so she wouldn’t have heard anyway. She was facing her computer which was facing the door so I could see the scene on the screen; two women making out or should I say fucking. I was scandalized. I didn’t know my sister was into lesbian porn. Anyway, I managed to catch the name of the site; sapphicerotica. Now I know her little secret. I rushed back to my room with my juices already flowing. I have been turned on by the scene on the screen and by my sister’s moans and groans. I needed to check out this sapphicerotica site; maybe I can also get to moan and groan incessantly. As I log onto the site, oops, it was a pay site and I had to register to become a member.

Without thinking, I brought out my credit card and clicked on the join tab. Before long I was a member and ready to browse the site for videos. As I browse through the pictures and looked at the preview, I was already really turned on in anticipation of what was in store for me. The models were looking heavenly with very clean and polished bodies. I decided to beat myself a bit by taking a quick tour of the site and looking at the models and appraising them. I found that they were mostly fresh. I then checked out the various videos before choosing one to watch. I dare say ever since I started watching videos on the site, I have been moaning and groaning and wetting my bed with my pussy juices each night. My sister doesn’t know I am also on the site, but who is telling? That’s my little secret.

Site Specifics

One thing that immediately struck me as I entered the sapphicerotica site was how clean and pure the site looked. The use of white background gives the site this very upbeat look that draws you in to know more. The layout was simple, with menu tabs at the top and pictures in the content area. I used the menu at the top of the page to navigate to the model page. I found it was possible for me to sort models by their names, their rating, and the most recent models. The models were also arranged in pages so to see them in pictures I had to click from page to page. Nevertheless, I found there is a model index at the bottom of the model page that allows me to click on the name of a model to learn more about them.

All I had the option to search for a model using the search box if I knew their name. Of course, I needed to get to the videos which are the raison d’etre of me being on the site. This I could do by either clicking on the movies tab at the top of the page or by clicking on any of the latest updates. The movies like the models are arranged in pages. Videos can be sorted by their date of release or their rating. As I continue to browse I clicked on the forum tab and discovered it contained a wealth of information about the site, models, and videos.

Models and Videos

It was very difficult for me to leave the models page. I just had to keep browsing through the different models to see their pictures. These girls are lovely and have a freshie glow to them. I found they were all amateurs but I can say here that in the videos, there is nothing amateurish about their acts. According to the sites, there are presently 757 recent models. That is quite a lot given that this is a purely lesbian site. As I browsed the models, I couldn’t help fall in love with Bunny a pretty brunette from Russia. Bunny features in the video “Preparty surprise” where she is seduced by the mature Sylvia Lauren into having a lesbian sex. The ladies start out by caressing each other before ending up teasing their pussy with the dildo that Sylvia had prepared.

Another model that I absolutely love is the Russian Nicky Wayne who features in the movie “Beginner fun time”. She is actually stunning in this video. I was able to stream most of the video directly online using a flash player. I also discovered I could download as many pictures as I wanted in HD and MP4 format. I was felt a bit overwhelmed as I found I had access to over 1400 movies. As I browse them I was wondering how long I needed to watch all these videos. Meanwhile, I also noticed there were pictures available for download as zip files. These pictures were arranged in galleries of which there were about 1500.


I can now understand why my sister was moaning and groaning each night. With such hot content, there is nothing else you can do. I have also been having my own moan and groaning session only I hope I have been able to be less loud than my sister.


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