Safari Sex

Safari Sex

Brief Description

How cool would it be if there was this place on Earth where having sex outdoors would not incite unnecessary hate or bring about angry mobs of people who demand morals on point? A place where you get to enjoy a majestic scenery while you indulge in the pleasure of having really hardcore sex? As a man, I have yet to find that place (or that woman that I want to do it with) so when it comes to that sort of fiery imagination, I often turn to porn and its many odd ways of bringing about a certain motif and matter in hand. You see, porn has no limits, it is not judgmental, and more so, it does not care if you are into that kind of certain fetish. Porn is there for one reason and one reason only: to give us, the majority, a good time without the intense need of a commitment or a one night stand, especially when we are really busy or cannot afford a hooker and her pals.

So, at this moment, I would like to thank the porn industry for all the really good porn they have provided the human race even as of today. As porn comes in many different themes and genres these days, and the porn industry growing larger by the second, it is rather hard to find a rewarding and priceless porn site that delivers really good quality porn. Not for ExtremeMovieCash, I reckon. The porn magnate has yet again, proved themselves worthy to be deemed amazing, with a fresh new site at hand. SafariSex is hot off the press in the porn industry and being launched only last August 2016, the radical and just produced porn site is moving mountains with their amazing take on rustic and invigorating porn.

As the site title would imply, SafariSex has their scenes up in the wild, and no, they are not using green screens for this, they are using real environmental footage. It is raw and it is amazing, not to mention, really hardcore. The main attraction here is of the ebony girls, the hardcore sex, and the amount of fetishes the site covers. With those three combined, it is rather hard to find anything of the same kind. I honestly do not know any other porn sites that home in on having sexual intercourse in the wild. If that is not what you call unique and one of a kind, then I do not know what is.

SafariSex, is primitive in ways but despite that, you cannot help but feel drawn to it, most especially when you see how hot the fucking gets. It does not only dwell in the usual sexcapade we see in most adult sites but so much more than that. This little piece of heaven right here likes to focus on gang bangs and orgies, BDSM and some really good blow jobs, you will have your fair share of pussy and anal fucking, and most of all, these sexy times happen right in the great outdoors. I mean, come on, what is better than sex outdoors? It is heavenly and it does excite you a lot for some odd reason. So, do not hold back. Sit tight, relax, and enjoy what SafariSex brings to you.

Site Specifics

SafariSex is something out of a wildlife exhibit especially when you take notice of their very relatable website layout. It is such a good fit for the theme that you will not have to wonder what else you should be expecting. Then again, the site is full of impending surprises that you might get a little taken aback every now and then. SafariSex has this wildlife vibe going on and this is probably because of the layout and the design, and when you think about it, the men here are basically on the prowl for ebony pussy rather than your actual animals. They hunt them down and when they find what they are looking for, they go in for the kill and have the best time of their lives.

The navigation in here is very easy and the user interface very user-friendly. To make matters better, they have provided their subscribers with video thumbnails that give definitive information about their corresponding scenes. There are a few browsing tools that will help you with your searches and as of the moment, you can leave comments on the videos. There also seems to be a filtered content tag right on top of the video thumbnails and they are rather very helpful. What the site does not have though are photo galleries with hi res photos, which is not really surprising since the company behind this one has not been really giving out photo galleries in most of their sites. Nevertheless, they seem to have opted for good quality video caps and stills, which is basically the same thing, if you ask me. All the content found here is exclusive and the updates seem to be going rather well.

Models and Videos

Gorgeous ebony girls flag the scenes of SafariSex and we would not want anything else but that. They may come in different shape and sizes but you can hand it to them for the best sex you will ever watch. The scenes are mostly kind of rough and very hardcore, with different fetishes being presented. The videos will also show you that despite the ebony tag hovering around, you get your share of interracial sex, courtesy of the guys who may pose as hunters from far away lands. All the scenes can be watched in your browser with the embedded flash player, or downloaded to your desktops and laptops in MP4 format. Right now, the site houses 60+ videos and there is no download limit. The pixel resolutions available for both streaming and downloading are 1440 x 1080 and 1280 x 720.


If you are looking for a place where you can find unique adventures and lively sex scenes, then you will love SafariSex and the many surprises it brings. Not only does it show great potential, the time you will spend here will really be worthwhile.


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