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Reality Lovers

Brief Description

Technology can be a boon or a bane, depending upon how you look at it. With porn, technology can never be a bane, because technology has been one of the critical factors for the success of this industry. The concept of hardcore porn has not changed over the past century, but the way porn content is delivered to consumers and lovers worldwide has changed immensely. From VHS cassettes to CDs to DVDs and now the Internet, the cost of delivery of porn has nose-dived drastically, and many sites mushroomed across the world. And since then, Internet has become the mainstay for porn delivery. However, consumers needed something new, and that’s when the live cam era started. Having sluts performing live for audiences across the world, live cam shows brought in a new dimension to porn. It has been a decade and porn became stale without anything new. And then VR comes with a big bang.

VR, acronym for Virtual Reality, provides you with a simulated environment for viewing porn. Borrowed from the gaming industry, this concept provides viewers with an opportunity to view porn as if they are actively participating in it. When a slut gives a blowjob, you feel she is giving YOU the blowjob. Not too many sites specialize in VR porn, and among the handful of them that specialize, one stands out prominently. RealityLovers. A site that is simple, sophisticated and sexy to say the least, RealityLovers can best be enjoyed on Samsung GearVR, Oculus or Google Cardboard. Your Android or iPhone can also be doubled up as a VR gear, with appropriate extensions. Ah, are you digging for your mobile and checking if it can be used as a VR gear? Then get ready to first ride through the maze called RealityLovers. You will also get to know how to use your mobile once you sign up to this site.

Site Specifics

You now know what you require to experience VR porn. Have it handy, for you will start watching the porn as we discuss the videos. But before you do this, quickly browse through the highlights of this site in terms of its features and designs. You will fall in love with this site at first sight. That’s guaranteed! Right from the word go, RealityLovers has hit the bulls-eye in all respects, be it the watermark image of two sluts, the blog section, the chicks or the videos featured.

Let me start with the blog section. Rarely does a porn site have a blog section, and RealityLovers is one of those rare sites. The blog essentially informs you about what is new on this site, and what is being covered about it in various media. You can subscribe to news alerts from RealityLovers so that you are on top of your favourite site. You can follow RealityLovers on Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Instagram and other social networking sites. One of the hottest news trending on the site is the nomination of RealityLovers for the 2017 AVN Awards, aka the Oscars of Porn, in Las Vegas. RealityLovers has left no stone unturned to keep you updated with the latest stuff, and they do know how to use technology effectively.

Two sexy porn stars, in a sensual embrace and their tongues tasting each other will make you cringe in agony because you wish you were out there with one of the bitches. The site releases two new videos every week, and at the top of the site, you will find the dates and titles of the next couple of new releases. Subscribe to the newsletter or to the site, and you will never forget this site, even if you wanted to. There are 66 videos, spread over a dozen pages, and each page containing five videos. The videos are loaded on an alternating grey and red backgrounds, so that each video could be differentiated. The videos are shot in 3D, with a 180 viewing angle, binaural sound, 1080p full HD quality and with head tracking technology.

There are 10 photo thumbnails and you can view a trailer of the video on the flash player, in your browser. Subscribing will allow you to download these videos. On top of the trailer, you will find a brief, but effective description, the title of the video and the name of the porn star featured in the video. You will also find the date of release and the duration of the video. On clicking the black button More, you are taken to a page dedicated to the video. The site is so beautifully designed that it is difficult to describe the details at a very granular level, but what we observed made us speechless.

Models and Videos

You know why you watch porn, because you want to watch a sexy cunt having her pussy pounded by rock-hard dicks, and taking a full-load of cum all over her. Looks sexy, isn’t it? Where is your hand heading to, naughty boy? You are keen to know more about RealityLovers because you want to watch these sluts get fucked, and in a VR environment, it is you who is going to fuck the bitch. The bitches are hot, amazing and superbly sexy. When you start fucking them in the videos, you will want to keep fucking them till you drop-down exhausted, after experiencing multiple orgasms.

Those pink pussies and juicy cunts will keep seeking your dick. Remember, these sluts are fuck-freaks and love the idea of getting fucked in the wildest of places. So, you can enjoy outdoor sex, in the garden, by the pool or even in the woods. You can get Valentine’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and what not. Enjoy voyeur shows, lesbian videos or watch these chicks masturbating with dildos, vibrators or their fingers. Check out for ebonies, Latinas, Americans or European chicks and choose one depending on the day’s mood.

There is something for everyone here, and let me describe a lesbian video, from a female’s POV. Ria is a favourite among women, because she loves to give sex to another bitch. She loves pierced nipples and this arouses her a lot. She loves licking the warm juices from a wet cunt, and play with double-sided dildos. Fucking the female, she inserts one end of the dildo into the chick’s cunt, while she takes the other end of the dildo into her cunt. Double fucking at the same time, very impressive. All this is visible from the woman’s point of view. The creators of this site have taken porn to a whole new level with their innovative thought process and execution.


My concluding remarks would be only this. Subscribe to this site immediately, and you will always want to check this site so that you get to experience porn in a completely new way. Subscription is affordable and there are two plans tailor made for you. A prepaid plan on a per video basis. Watch one, three or five videos at a fixed amount. Or opt for a recurring monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions. Whatever you do, make sure that you opt for long-term subscriptions to avail discounts. What more are you waiting for? Subscribe now and welcome to new age porn!


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