Rachel Aldana

Rachel Aldana

Brief Description

Interacting with famous people is always an invaluable experience to a person, an experience that the person will leave to cherish. Interacting with famous people whom you find beautiful in one way or the other is even more memorable. How does interacting with people who are famous for their beauty feel like? And how would interacting with individuals who are the worlds all time record holders in having the best of a certain facet of beauty? Do not let curiosity kill you, just log onto RachelAldana and you will have not just the answers to the questions above but also loads of invaluable experience. This network was launched in 2008 by Rachel Aldana, a winner for Guinness World Book of Record holder for the largest natural breasts (thirty MM). This network will allow you, not just to view exclusive content of Rachel flaunting and playing with her bust but also to interact with and get to know Rachel personally. This site provides the viewer to access of large collection of exclusive media content including plenty of pictures and videos featuring Rachel’s original softcore scenes. The main focus is on Rachel’s large tits with numerous content featuring Rachel oil, squeeze or push her huge tits into the smallest tops possible. Solo boob play remains the theme of most scenes featured on this network though a few girl-girl sets also feature. Currently, Rachel’s site features a whooping three hundred and thirty three photo galleries with each containing thirty pictures on average and four hundred and four full videos.

Site Specifics

This network stores loads of exclusive and downloadable softcore pics and videos all featuring busty and beautiful model Rachel. Even though download managers are not allowed on this network, download managers have been shown to work well on this network. Channel Max 1 has been shown to work well on this network though it lacks the pause and resume option. Speed download is the software that was used to test the functionality of Channel Max 1 on this site. Download managers can work at a speed of one megabyte per second. The browser on this network also works at a speed of one megabyte per second. The network utilizes fifty megabytes per second cable internet. Various files that feature on this site vary in size. Each JPG image file has a size of four hundred and fifty kilobytes while each Zip file is thirty megabytes in size. WMV, MOV and MP4 video files are each sized two hundred megabytes. A good number of videos on this site have soft music playing in the background. The music acts simply as a mark of class both for the video and for the actor, Rachel. The network offers members an area where they can post their ads. Members also have the liberty to rate media content they have just watched or downloaded. This acts as a good and real time feedback mechanism that allows the site admin to notice problems if any and solve them promptly and more importantly to ensure continued improvement of site in general. Pics on these site were taken by pro level photographers. The pics show evidence of little or no airbrushing, have good lighting and are brightly colored thus enhancing their resolution. The pics have dimensions of three thousand by two thousand. Streaming from this network can be possible by using the large flash player. The player has a five to ten seconds buffer and has smooth playback for the viewer’s convenience. The streamed videos are of good quality. Live cam shows are occasionally featured on this network. This is another show of pure class as most sites cannot manage live cam shows. The network primarily features individual models whilst they flaunt their sexy bodies and great breasts. Site also features amateur girls and a fresh girl-girl activity. Big boobs are the main focus in majority of the scenes featured on this network. The network updates weekly. Content can be uploaded onto the network by the various member sites at any time. Over the past one week, one full video was uploaded on to the network. A total of twelve sites upload relevant content to this network regularly. This twelve sites include:
• Grey Satin
• Sexy Reference
• Blue Satin
• Pink Vest

Models and Videos

RachelAldana is a solo girl site which features Rachel as the main model. She is a cute United Kingdom born girl who is aged between twenty and thirty years and is based in the United States of America. Rachel sticks out because of her award winning huge and natural breasts. A good number of videos offered on this site are of High definition quality. The HD videos are of MOV or WMV file types, have dimensions of one thousand two hundred and eighty by seven hundred and twenty and come at a bit rate of six thousand (6000k). The videos are very sharp and of high quality. The network offers more than four hundred and four movie scenes, all with varying lengths. Downloadable MP4 and WMV videos have dimensions of one thousand two hundred and eighty by seven hundred and twenty band can be viewed at a bit rate of five thousand (5000k). Videos of flash format have dimensions of eight hundred and seventy six by four hundred and eighty and come at unknown bit rates.


The prospect of seeing high quality HD videos of the worlds’ biggest natural breasts being oiled, squeezed and licked seems such an adventurous prospect. But interacting with the girl with those breasts is on another totally different level. This is the level where RachelAldana takes you – a level where you can freely interact with a Guinness World Book Record holder. Aside from those little pride things, RachelAldana is a network that will give you ultimate fun and amazement. Just the pictures of Rachel’s big boobs will get your thoughts flying in all possible directions, what if you watched the videos? As I put it earlier, do not let curiosity kill you when you have the necessary apparatus to experiment; simply log in and see for yourself. All I can assure you is that there is no getting bored.


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