Brief Description

I have always been a fan of hardcore fucking and sex of such sort, where you get to see an ass penetrated by a cock so big that it barely fits, and even after fitting, it proceeds to destroy said ass. Given the state of the internet today, I have been very lucky to find punishtube, whose very name is so inviting that I had to go and look. Look I did and what I have found is really amazing, do read on.

Site Specifics

Even from the very pre home page, where you go and confirm that you are of age, and understand that the site deals in hardcore and adult related content, you can see a video, in high resolution, no less, playing in the background. And on that video there is a girl, getting her ass plowed, while at the same time getting her face smacked by a dick she had sucked the moment before. I was amazed by the very introduction, and by going in and seeing a whole lot of videos on the very home page, it was clear to me that this site would be a place where I would spend a lot of time. The design is great, straightforward, the videos are very easy to find and play, being very well sorted out. I have also seen that the speed is amazing, and that browsing is so slick and smooth. Even on the mobile devices, the site runs greatly, showing a good design and optimization, too.

Models and Videos

Seeing the videos made me cum almost instantly, so I had to hold it in, because there is so much good action that you can see, that I barely held my two and two together long enough to see at least two of them. Being over twenty minutes long, each of them, and having dick in them which are large and juicy, barely fitting pussies, yet alone assholes, the site kept winning me over. Asses being destroyed by black and white dicks, mouth being smacked, slapped and pinched, nipples being pierced by hooks and other pinching apparatuses, it was paradise from the start. Videos that are in high definition and show the asses in close ups, the huge dicks entering them, surely were enough to get me aroused by simply looking for a couple of seconds. Proceeding to the kinkier videos, I was astonished at all the BDSM action taking place, from mistress to slave bondage action, to some very painful yet pleasurable fisting and rope action, the site has everything and anything a person with love for hardcore action could ever wish for. My inner hardcore beast was satisfied, though I do keep coming back for more, simply because they are so great, and the content there is amazing. What I have also noticed is that the huge database of porn has daily updates, as if they need more videos. Apparently, daily updates are very refreshing, as you always have new action to look at and enjoy. I have also come to love the download option, as every video that you see on the site is available for downloading, everything, for free, which is something to have on your mind, when browsing the internet next time.


If there is a hardcore site out there that is dedicated, and brings new content on a daily basis, with so much attention to detail and other necessary things which make hardcore great, then punishtube is at the top of the list, next to none. If you have a preference for hardcore action, then slide over to this site and join for free, to have all the hardcore porn that you could have ever dreamed of.


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