Public Pickups

Public Pickups

Brief Description

Seriously, if you are loaded with cash, and have a lot of spare time, you should travel to Europe (Czech, Hungary mostly), get yourself some cam-glasses or another camera and try to pick up girls on the street with offering them a pile of cash. You need to decide if it’s really working or not, but it seems by the large number of pickup-porn sites, that there is something to it. Now, the Public Pickups offers you a large compilation of reality-porn, covering the pickup niche, which means that the scenes look like random encounters between the lad with the cam and the random cuties, though if you pay close attention, you can see that it’s not totally real. Most chicks in the videos seem to be amateurs, but many of them are working in the reality-porn business, so you may find them on other sites, doing some nasty things. If you take a closer look, you can see that the video quality is pretty good, and you can find some High-Definition scenes too. There is another aspect you will notice, that strengthens the feeling of professional porn, and that’s the chicks’ make-up, which is too good, to be home-made. The PublicPickups is part of one of the largest reality-porn providers, the MofosNetwork, and it’s just evident, that if you register on this site, you get access to all others. Currently, the MofosNetwork consists of 32 niche driven sites, where you can find anal sex (LetsTryAnal), hot girls going wild for a cock (e.g. IKnowThatGirl), and you can find some fantasy-like movies like the ones on BustedBabysitters or TeensAtWork. As a member, you gain the ability to watch all movies of this network, and as a bonus, you can view two other bonus tubes, covering some heavier hardcore porn niches.

Site Specifics

Public Pickups is an easily usable and fast site, where you can find all important things at one place, in the menu located under the main heading. If you decide to take the free tour, you can scroll through the home page, and if you want to see something of the actual scenes there are some trailers for you to watch, just click on a thumbnail with the play-sign on it. The mobile site also lets you to watch trailers (it downloads to your phone); all other features are working too, so you may watch and download the scenes on your tablet and smart phone just as you would do on desktop computer. In the members’ zone, you will see the videos of Public Pickups listed first, and you can use some categories filtering to sort them. The membership grants you the chance to build your own collection of hardcore reality-porn movies by taking advantage of the unlimited downloads. You have to select from multiple formats and settings, including mobile formats. Watching online should be suitable for those who like to watch the scenes without waiting or using up hard drive space. You get a picture gallery with every movie, consisting of screen captions mostly, and zip-download is available.

Models and Videos

The online porn enthusiasts are always on the look-out for some real, juicy porn, and when it’s about amateurish girls having sex with a guy in public the cocks just get so hard as their owner get excited. Now, the PublicPickups is a site where you will feel that it’s too good to be true, and in fact, you might just be right. Since it’s a MofosNetwork sites, you will find it that many of the girls are professionals, while there some nice first-timers and semi amateurs too. Thus we cleared the level of professionalism you can expect from these girls, let’s take a look at their physical forms: they look amazing, and most of them are naturals, and while others have nice round boobs, there are chicks, like Cherlyn who has a large natural breast that you can get a grip on while she rides your cock hard. It seems that all of the girls are naturals, though that’s the least you could expect, since the site is all about Czech girls, but you can find some other hot Central- and Western-European girls. Everyone (the guys too) talk in their native languages, but luckily; there are subtitles for each scene. When you open up a scene, you will see that they usually start in the same way: the guy picks a girl (though it’s certain that the scenes are staged) and he starts to talk to her. They have some chit-chat then they get down to business. The word ‘business’ describes the best how the guy gets the girls to get those clothes off: he offers them loads of cash. As you will see, they are not cheap bitches from the alley, they are really expensive pussies. Now, luckily the guy is a real perv, and he has loads of cash. At first, there is only some flashing, touching and sucking (but some girls go straight for the deepthroat). After the guy is hard enough, and the girls are wet, he inserts his cock into their pussy and fucks them hard. There is another thing that tells you that these movies are not real amateur scenes: the girls are very eager to go straight for the anal sex. Interesting fact: the guy himself is not a full professional, because in some scenes, he goes off a bit earlier than expected, but since he paid a lot of cash, he is eligible to take another ride, so all scenes are rather long.


Somewhat it’s a bit hard to summarize the features of this site, because at first it might not be evident, but it offers a lot. There is a good collection of porn movies featuring stunning girls and offering some very exciting sex. You will also appreciate the increasing video quality and the good, firm hands of the lad who shoots the scenes (all scenes are in PoV style). Maybe the main thing that concerns you is the amount of bonuses you receive as a member. Well, you could rest assured; you get a whole pile of videos to browse while you wait for the next episode of PublicPickups.


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