Public Agent

Public Agent

Brief Description

Tired of your usual porn site that gives you corny plots, tedious storyline, same boring girls, and dull, old concept? Don’t worry, we’ve got some amazing news for you, and we know you will definitely like it. Hang in there and be ready for the start of something awesome. Introducing, PublicAgent; it’s the newest online reality obsession for people who likes a totally different structure and concept when it comes to achieving sexual gratification and fulfilling their secret desires. It is a compilation of videos, created to make your dreams happen. It started when an insistent and determined macho man, persuade some unsuspecting attractive girls to be a model for a magazine or a modeling agency.

This temptation also involves a good sum of money and other promising career talk, to really entice the girls to pose for him. He then get the girls started by asking then to pose in their underwear, the girls then hesitantly agreed, and then got the money. But little did they know, they’re also in for a much bigger offer. And that’s where the magic really happens. Are you excited to know what’s next? Then maybe you should sign up and be a member of PublicAgent to watch and enjoy these awesome videos that will surely get your cocks harder than a stone. Or maybe get you excited again to actually fuck your neighbor who you only fantasize of. Sign up now and get these amazing deals that you’re about to read. Don’t settle for those predictable and worn out stuff you’ve been seeing on the net, pretending to make you cum and expecting you to pay. Get that pleasure you truly deserve!

Site Specifics

PublicAgent site welcomes you to a vintage-looking, clean and professional website. It actually looks far from being an adult site, if you don’t focus on the naked girls on the images and videos displayed. PublicAgent site has a vast collection of videos created to get you thrilled and excited and eventually make you cum in delight. The videos and images are displayed in large scale so anyone can see clearly and get a glimpse of what the video is about because of the brief description written on every vids. The letters are solid and clear, and the colors are vivid. The background color is white and the few splashes of colors yellow and blue makes it fun and a bit comics-like. The font is also fun; the overall feel of the website is flirty with a sense of danger and prohibition.

The owner of the site clearly conveys what he meant by the way the website looks and how it works. The dynamic buttons works fast and do not struggle in loading. The videos and images load faster than most videos and pictures found on the net because they are made with high quality. The mobile access is also available for members so you can take PublicAgent with you anywhere you go. New videos are uploaded each week so you won’t run out of great stories and girls to fantasized about when you’re alone. The greatest thing about PublicAgent is the free full access on five different equally arousing sites like FakeAgent, FakeTaxi, FemaleAgent, to name a few. These sites also have great risky sex encounters that will give you the thrill and excitement that you like.

Models and Videos

Different girls from around the world are getting offers from a random guy with pocket full of cash and a hard, massive cock. Who can refuse that? Girls like blondes, brunettes, Asians, black, curvy, skinny vixens, lesbians and so much more, are all here to experience the sex of their lifetime. These encounters, that only happen in the most unexpected places, like garage, woods, parking lots, public parks, etc., will surely give anyone the pleasure from being in a risky and dangerous situation. Situations like, getting caught be a random passer-by, getting caught by the girl’s husband, getting caught by a policeman who’s doing his rounds. All these things can happen, especially if the girl won’t agree to the sweetest offer right away.

First, they are asked to pose in their underwear, and then will be ask to suck the demanding man’s big cock. But the girls don’t need to fret because they will be given a good sum of money, and yes, everyone was lured into fucking eventually. Imagine that you are the man behind the camera, and to have that amount of cash, yes you can make your dreams come true. PublicAgent has this unique concept of letting you experience the sexual desires that you have been hiding, by compiling and collecting these videos for your complete satisfaction. You don’t have to be the man behind the camera doing all sorts of craziness to get trick the girls into fucking you, PublicAgent got all the good juices for you. All you got to do is sit and watch and enjoy!


If you’re the type of person who has a unique taste of adult fun, is tired of the same old story and boring girls that the usual porn site offers, then PublicAgent is for you. It lets you give in to your sexual pleasure by showing the day-to-day, random activities that can actually happen in the street with any everyday gal. It gives you the possibility that these encounters really can happen, and some exotic and attractive girl out there will really agree to an indecent proposal along with lots of cash. So that alone can give you the confidence and courage to try it out.

But if it doesn’t work, well don’t you worry, PublicAgent has all those possibilities captured and collected for you to enjoy. So you don’t have to sweat, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the videos and images, all in HD quality, for your instant indulgence. For customers concern and questions, a customer service support team is on stand-by 24/7, all ready to answer and help you for any trouble. Signing up and becoming a member will be the best decision you will ever do. Join now!


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