Brief Description

Japan is the land of sushi, anime, samurai and of course hardcore porn. There is really no competition when talking about how perverted and intense Japanese porn is. They are famous for it and their girls are just some of the most charming and willing girls you will ever see in a porn set. If you are a fan of this marvelous land of wonders, then this is the site for you. Welcome to POVJP!

Site Specifics

POVJP is one of the most wonderfully well-designed porn sites out there. The developer and designers have managed to put quite a lot of content in the best and most organized structure possible. Thanks to this very well thought out management of content, you and the rest of the user base will be able to search and find any specific content you might need.

The site can handle a great deal of traffic, but it still manages to be stable and have amazing load times. You will never experience the disgrace of waiting for a page to load in here. Everything runs fast and smooth. It is outstanding. Menus are perfectly recognizable and they will lead you easily to the content you are looking for, making navigation an easy deal for you and any other user not matter how much internet experience they could have.

The developers have also managed to do something amazing with the site. They have made it completely compatible with mobile devices of all sorts and brands. If you operate a mobile running on Android, iOS or Windows, you’re assured a pleasant browsing experience.

Models and Videos

Do not let them fool you, Japanese porn stars are wicked perverts and amazingly fun. These girls are just as cute as kinky and they will make your cock explode from the pleasure. In POVJP you will only find professional porn stars. They are 100% ready and willing to do anything. Their cute faces and innocent looking personalities are the perfect match with their love for hardcore sex. Regarding body types, most girls fall into the slim or average category; it would be difficult for you to find a thick girl in here.

There are thousands of videos available in POVJP. All of them come in gorgeous 1080p image resolution and have an average running time of 30 to 40 minutes. That is a lot of content for your money. But it isn’t all of it. There are more than 5000 full-length DVDs for you to download and keep with you forever. It is amazing.

Videos can be downloaded or streamed, depending on which choice is the best for you. Download speeds are lightning fast and streaming loads fast and it has an amazing quality, there is no image tearing of any kind. Downloads also come in the MP4 media format, which assures you that your videos will be playable on most media devices on the market. It is fabulous.

The amount of content for your buck is just enormous and with the flow of constant updates that number will just increase in the future. You will need to buy a membership to enjoy all of this content, of course, but do not worry, memberships are super affordable and you choose from among the 3 days trial, 1 month, 3 months and the 1 year subscriptions. They are all worthy of your money. As a bonus you will get access to 22 other sites. No one can beat that.


POVJP is the best Japan has to offer. It is full of really high-quality content and the price of admission is just fabulous. Join now and start to enjoy the pleasures of Japan.


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