Brief Description

Are you tired of watching the traditional, usual style of adult entertainment? Wherein the gorgeous, hot women are banged by men and you would have to watch through the whole thing with the man, or multiple men in some cases, on screen wishing that it was you instead? Then POVD is exactly the type of adult entertainment site that you need, everything is done in your point of view so you can have the angle of the camera positioned in the way that you want it, all the women that they have are picked based on the viewers of adult entertainment site’s tastes. After watching their videos you will find yourself sexually fulfilled and satisfied.

Site Specifics

POVD has high-resolution gifs that you will immediately see once you open their site, it has gifs of women getting their pussy pounded, and rubbing a cock with their tits and sucking them until cum has filled their mouth. These are just teasers of what you will be able to avail and view once you sign up as a member; they have thousands of high definition videos that come with a message that says their audio is of the highest quality so you are advised to have your earphones on so that you can get the full POVD experience.

Not only will you be able to watch all of their scenes but you can also watch their top rated videos as well, for as a member you can rate each scene based on the performance and their touch of reality, you can also view the profiles of their models and you can choose to ones that you like, they have a very diverse group of models. All of their contents are cinema like and each of their models is carefully chosen in order to deliver the best quality adult videos to their audience. For members you can do unlimited downloads which comes in different formats such as HD, SD, WMV and MPEG and transfer them into different devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones and PSP’s, you can also use their fast streaming option and their mobile version.

All of their contents are updated frequently every week so you are guaranteed to have fresh and new contents to watch, they also have a customer support that you can contact through their 1-800 toll-free number or you can send them an email or chat them up, they are available 24/7 for you. All of their personal informations are safe and secure so you won’t have anything to worry about when you sign up.

Models and Videos

The videos on this site will give you a very cinematic experience; in one video it featured their gorgeous blonde model named Natalie White. She approached the camera and started kissing the man behind it, giving the viewers the impression that she was kissing them, she then caressed his chest and touched his fully erect cock over his sweatpants, and she then stood up and squeezed her breasts over her bra and shirt. She lifted her shirt up and removed her bra, while two hands reached out and unbuttoned her pants and removed her underwear revealing a well-shaved pussy, she sat on the erect cock over the sweatpants and grinded her ass, two hands reached out and squeezed then and spread them to show the pussy from behind.

The man behind the camera then stood up as Natalie White knelt in front of him and she grabbed the massive cock and she started sucking it, she looked at the camera the whole time that she was sucking the head and licking the shaft, and she tried to get as much as she could of him in her throat before pulling out and licking his tip again. She played with his balls and caressed his shaft before getting his cock as deep as it could into her mouth. The next scene showed her on all fours in the bed, with her ass high up in the air, two hands reached out and stretched her ass cheeks to make room for the massive cock that was about to enter her.

It showed her pussy throbbing from excitement, the tip of the cock slowly made its way inside until it disappear halfway indicating that it was able to push through, the two hands then grabbed the model by the waist as it pulled out slowly and then rammed it back it deeper that it was the first time that it was inserted. The cock was then pumping in and out of her pussy in a fast rhythm and the impact made her breasts jiggle and the bed move. The man behind the camera then switched places with her and laid on the bed as the two hands reached out again and lifted the model, making her ride the erect cock.

She used the strong legs for support as she rode the massive man meat, she was fully in control as she bounced up and down on in, even grinding and swaying her hips, two hands reached out once again to squeeze her breasts and pinch and play with her nipples as she continued riding him to her pleasure. She then used one of her hands to rub her clit as she rode him making her moan loudly, she was clearly enjoying herself as she gasped and closed her eyes as she reached her climax. The video ended with her kneeling on the floor again, with her mouth open as strings of cum came out flying towards her face and mouth.


POVD is one of the best adult entertainment sites on the web, based on the quality of the videos, its niche and the number of members that subscribe to the site every week. It is definitely no surprise as they offer a unique experience to those who watched their contents, all of the videos are made to the point of view of the viewers and it is something that you won’t be able to see in other sites.


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