Brief Description

The big, burly dudes that you remember, those jocks that might have bullied you or had people laugh at you now stand or sit still, touching their own nipples or having them touched by another set of hands, and are there to show you how the tides turn. At pexual, see the bullies and big boys explode from pleasure while their nipples get as hard as their dicks, and they end up begging for an orgasm.

Site Specifics

I loved how the design of the site contrasted what the dudes look like and how they behave when being pleasured. With grey and black lines as a background, the color which predominates would be dark, therefore considered manly, by some, if not for the purple color of the buttons, the text and the buttons on the giant slider on the middle of the screen. The slider itself presents a bunch of stills from the videos, changing every second or so, while the buttons serve as a stop and go option, for if you see a guy you like, you could stop and stare.

Another thing that is nice is the sorting option once you get to the videos. With many filter, some of them being popularity, the rating or just novelty itself, it is easy to find what might spark that inner pervert in you. The navigation was also to my delight, very speedy and responsive, giving me the pleasure of browsing the site at a desirable speed, even on my mobile devices.

Models and Videos

I loved seeing the bullies get their visit to the principal’s office, this office having only one chair, or forcing them to stand, while take what someone might call a punishment, though, it does look more like a pleasurable experience, especially once the big boners come out of their pants. Ah, seeing them sit and groan and moan while they get their nipples and dicks hard. Going into the future, the tides turn and the jocks, the big manly types, everything the girls liked, with big chest muscles, huge arms, legs like those of athletes, well, they are in a situation where their nipples get squeezed, touched, caressed, up to the point where they beg for an explosion of cum, something that does happen, in some of the cases.

A pair of mysterious arms does show up sometimes, getting the buffed up males another reason to go nuts, and freeing their own hands, so they could play with themselves. Sometimes the hands would grab the dicks, while the males would obediently go for the nipples, showing how meek and submissive they can really be.

The video quality is great, as well, giving you a nice sharp image of the nipples, once the close ups kick in and the groans get louder. Another thing is the nifty membership plan which, by the way, is quite cheap, without even mentioning the fact that you would get a lot of regularly updated content, in every color, whether you prefer your jocks chocolate or white, all of them buffed up.


A paradise for those like myself, eager to see big, jacked up men, get their nipples squeezed, fondled, caressed, touched, get their dick up and explode in the end. There is rarely a sight so arousing and tantalizing as that of tough, strong dudes sitting on a chair, being obedient at every step, even when they are about to cum. On pexual, the dudes get their pleasure, and you do, as well, because the site never fails to deliver great content.


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