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Brief Description

Ok, so there’s a rumor going around so I’ve decided to go ahead and see if it’s true. First off, the rumor is that this porn hentai site called PerfectHentai, has been hording some Live-action hentai inside its lockers. So I was like, WHAT THE FUCK. But again, it’s just a stupid rumor so there’s no reason to go all hyped about it! So I went on and checked it out and right there in front of my very eyes, is a girl on all fours with a kitty band wearing a high’s uniform with a title tailing Live-action hentai. THE RUMOR IS FUCKING REAL. This website actually has all these hentai that we’ve been dreaming PLUS a fucking Live-action hentai that’s been a fucking rare thing to find!

Dude, I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as live-action hentai until last month! This is the real fucking thing homies! They’ve finally cracked the vault of the most valuable porn of our time! I can’t believe it! I definitely didn’t expect this revelation! But that’s not the only thing this site has got to boast for! This site specializes in a lot of things as well! So I would like to personally review this site for your pleasure and for yours truly as well! This site has got a lot of stuff to share for us porn viewers so fasten your seatbelts guys! This is gonna be a ride to share about!

Site Specifics

How about we take a look at the homepage. We have got to start somewhere right? So the homepage kicks off with an array of anime hentai videos. These videos are very well picked by the producers themselves, and believe me, they really picked the good ones. You can even sort them out however you like. But if I were to give a friendly advice? I’d say you should sort them by series. It’s really nice to watch these stuff by order you know. But I’d have to admit. There are those days where I should just skip to some parts that I want to see. If you know what I mean. But if you’re the “Get down to business” type of guy, well you can easily sort them by categories. These categories are really useful, if I say so myself. Movies, Hardcore, Softcore, Toonvision, Flash Magazxines, Lesbian, Torment, Hentai Series, 3DPinupe, Manga and Comics, and Japan girls.

Now let’s get down to business shall we. I know what’s going on in your mind right now. You’re wondering where you could find that rumored Live-Action Hentai right? Well it’s in those categories alright. But if you want them all compiled together, then go to the Japan Girls categories, if you want them compiled by series, then it’s in the Hentai series, or movies, also there are some in hardcore and softcore as well. It’s really up to you on what you want to watch for or how its arranged. We’ll be talking about the qualities of these anime and live-actions later. Oh, I also need to mention that this site also has a collection of CGI Hentai. For those who can’t understand CGI, it’s those animations that are close to real life. You know, movies like Toy story or stuff like that. But this time more lifelike and such. The girls on CGI are fucking hot, I tell you that. Another feature that you should remember is that this site will be offering you free bonus sites! That’s right. Free instant access to a whole lot of porn sites, some of them are Totally Redhead, Exxxcellent and some more.

Models and Videos

Live-actions in this site are the fucking bomb. Those Anime characters that we’ve fell in love with over and over? Well now it’s time to get down and personal with them in REAL LIFE. These Japanese girls really did it. They totally copied everything about the anime. The hair style, hair color, costumes, set-up, location, and even the voice has been perfectly imitated! I can’t believe what I was seeing when I took a glimpse of those live-action hentai. The video qualities are fucking amazing too. it kinda looks like CGI but it’s not! And the way their uniforms are destroyed and the way their hair moves and gets pulled are priceless I tell you. Also, when you usually see Japanese porn, there’s always these censorships right? But in live action hentai, say goodbye to Japanese censorship, I’m serious, I fuck you not.

Now let’s see… The fans here in this site has already picked their top live-action series, I don’t want to spoil much, but if you’ve got time, once you’re a member, you should really check out Karakuri Ninja. This sexy hot girl who is playing as a ninja is fucking amazing. There’s a lot of stuff that you should really see from this series. There are some scenes that this girl fights, and the fight scenes are really well choreographed. But during these fights, parts of her clothes are ripped and some would even allow you to see her bare breast. Its fucking awesome. But of course, there’s always gangbangs here. But does the main character gets gangbanged too? You’ll have to find that out for yourself!


I’m still hyped by the live-action by the way. So after seeing this site for what it really is, I’d say this is finally it. The website has perfectly presented itself as a thing with good features and bonuses. The videos have great quality and content. This site also has almost a thousand videos in its possessions and is continually being updated every week. So expect to see new videos every four days or less than that. you can download them in formats like Formats: MP4 (1280×720; 3978k), MP4 (1280×720; 3978k; streaming) and MP4 (640×480; 1600k). Another factor I really like is that you can download as many times as you want. Crazy huh? Also I loved the photos on this site. Anime hentai photos can really turn you on, especially those in the manga ones. So if you’re looking for the best hentai site in this year? Go for PerfectHentai. This one gets the top spot from this review.


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