Brief Description

Penthouse has been the biggest porn success story of the decades. As an adult magazine of great existence, Penthouse was established in March 1976. Ever since then, it has been able to take over our hearts and souls in the very best of ways. We have been able to enjoy the porn stars that we now know and love posing and telling their stories as well as reading the kind of erotic articles that made even the hair on the back of our necks stand up.

There is no other word that we can use to describe the kind of fulfillment that we have been able to enjoy here over the years other than sheer fulfillment. If you thought that the kind of sexual treatment that other adult sites have been providing is enough, brace yourself for Penthouse, the adult porn site. As a portal that has been in existence for as long as the magazine, Penthouse promises us a combination of nude pornography and hardcore and that delights us in nothing less than great pleasure.

Showing off the photo spreads that you love, Penthouse also promises to treat you to hundreds upon hundreds of orgasms especially because it has a massive collection of images and videos for you to enjoy. Do not be afraid to let loose and cherish it, this is the kind of experience that you will never be able to get enough of. Often, adult sites that feature nude photography hardly have any videos under their belt but Penthouse proves that it is all about dishing out the best of both worlds. With a collection that is made up of 3,700+ scenes and 5,000+ galleries which hold an average of 45 pictures each, saying that you will be entertained is simply an understatement of proportions.

Penthouse is a highly exclusive site that promises you much more entertainment than you will be able to handle. As we are all familiar with Penthouse, you know that you will not be enjoying anything less than the most beautiful women. Thought you had seen it all? Get ready to discover new pleasurable dimensions!

Site Specifics

As a site with the highest reputation, Penthouse obviously boasts of a top-notch website that will give your eyes the candy that you have always hoped for. The best thing about the content that you will see here is the fact that you no longer have to cut out magazine pages and stick them on your wall because unrestricted downloads and streaming options are your best bet here. The site speaks for itself with raw quality, glamor, and pornstars that have been spread from page to page. You do not have an option but to indulge in the cum-buffet that this site is serving.

The site is crispy clean as well as easy to use. Just like the magazine, you will be glued to the screen watching the kind of amazing scenes that Penthouse treats you to. Just like on any other adult site, you will enjoy making the most of the photos, videos and model index. The videos are accompanied with thumbnails, thus saving on the time that you will be spending going through the photos in the galleries individually. Overall, you will have the kind of browsing experience that you will truly enjoy.

Penthouse has a great update schedule that promises you the consistent update of one new video on a daily basis. Therefore, you will always have something exciting to look forward to. Apart from the videos and photos, the site has a collection of Penthouse letters that treats you to many erotic stories that you will enjoy.

Models and Videos

Penthouse ensures that you dibble and dabble in coital encounters with only the hottest of porn stars. By the time these beauties are done with you, you will be enjoying a cum-fest like you never have before. You can be guaranteed of nothing less than great enjoyment when you sign up for adult entertainment here. In fact, if anything, be ready to abandon your schedule because these beauties keep you glued to the screen for all of the right reasons. You no longer have to look at a Penthouse Magazine and wonder what the porn stars would look like in live action, instead, they will give you the sexual experience that you have always fantasized about right here.

Penthouse is big in both videos and pictures and as such, you can only expect to experience these beauties in a variety of situations. In comparison to other sites, the stars on Penthouse are ready to let you into their world of pleasure without any limitations. Apart from the inevitable smile on your face, you will also be awestruck because of their talent on screen. Hardcore fucking is surely on the agenda, especially because for years, the magazine has taught these beauties to go for what they truly want.

You will be spending time with the likes of Sam Philips, Allie Haze, Ryan Kelley and Melissa Ann among many other big names that send shockwaves across the adult industry. Being that the porn stars have years of experience, you will not be disappointed by what they bring on screen. All of the scenes represent amazing storylines, and apart from their ability to fuck and get fucked to submission, the porn stars should also be commended for their acting skills. Their ability to lure you into their world with their beauty and seduction cannot also go unmentioned. If you were looking for a memorable experience, you will be delighted to find it here.


The fact that Penthouse gives you the kind of platform where you could log in and count on many pleasurable encounters is simply amazing. If there is anything that you have ever wanted on a porn site then you will most definitely get it here. There is a combination of top-notch HD videos, high-resolution pictures, and a fresh design that will leave you begging for more. The daily updates will also keep you occupied for a long period of time. With Penthouse, you can never go wrong.


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