Brief Description

NuruLive is a great site for having fun with performers that look good and like dirty sex. It features a lot of models that show off their bodies and that really want to deliver their best for you. If you are ready for a great unique experience you should give it a try.

Site Specifics

When you enter NuruLive you will discover a nice website that has a clean design with many elements that you will enjoy. The designers really did their best to keep the interface user-friendly so you don’t waste time trying to find a certain thing. That is why the menu really offers you all the pages that you should expect from such a website and the colors used also blend well with the experience that the site is trying to offer you. You will definitely enjoy the structure of it.

When we start talking about the layout I really liked the fact that a lot of focus has been given on one keyword and that is simplicity. You will see that when you enter you can jump straight into the action and that you don’t need to be an expert in browsing.

Another cool thing about NuruLive is the fact that the site has a version for mobile devices. You can simply enter the site from your mobile and try the experience yourself. The design is really similar and the navigation can be done with no problems. On top of that, you get exciting moments from your mobile as well, sounds good no?

Models and Videos

The girls that are featured on NuruLive, of course, are ready to offer you live excitement. We are indeed talking about a live video website where you will meet all kind of girls, from Latinas, Asians and more. Their age group, of course, can’t really be stated because we have so many models that can join or leave the network. But what is for sure is that you can find particularly the ones that you like. If you are more interested in body types you should know that you can find girls with big asses, big tits basically all that you can think off. This is why NuruLive is really great, you get beautiful girls and no matter what your preferences are you can surely discover the right ones for you.

The videos are indeed streamed and most of them in HD, the quality really depends on each girls equipment. Live videos, of course, can’t have a precise runtime so we can’t tell you exactly how long a show might last. It can start from 10 minutes to maybe even a few hours. The total number of videos is again something that you have to discover yourself. Image galleries might be available but I didn’t manage to find a certain option for that when I wrote the review.

If you want to become a member, of course, the first step is to join the site. You can do that by signing in for free but after that, it depends on the shows that you want to interact with, each girl having their own price. Didn’t find any bonus available but make sure you check that out as well because they might have added something since this review was done.


NuruLive is a great place for you and your desires. You can really turn your fetishes in reality. And you can do that with the right girl for you because there are many from where you can choose.


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