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Nuru Massage

Brief Description

Have you ever experienced sex while having a massage? Probably not, because you first need to visit a massage parlour, and the person providing you the massage should be from the opposite sex. As a male, I am sure, you have fantasized about getting a very intimate massage from the soft hands of the opposite sex, and this very thought would give you a hard-on. Are you preparing to jerk-off? Keep your emotions at bay, and read what we have presented to you here.

While it is costly for you to visit a massage parlour, watching massage porn is affordable. If you are wondering whether there is such a site that is affordable and allows you to watch massage porn, don’t worry. NuruMassage is the answer to your question. This review covers two major areas that are of concern, the Design & Features and Girls & Videos. We expect that at the end of the review, you will be motivated to sign up to this site, not only because of its affordability but also for the kind of porn that it presents to you.

Site Specifics

Let me start with the color scheme of the site. NuruMassage has adopted a unique color scheme that is hard to miss out. Cyan and black. Most porn sites feature bright colors, with white being the most favourite color. On this site, however, the cyan and black gives a very sexy feel about the background. The brightly coloured video thumbnails make a style statement against this background.

The video thumbnails on NuruMassage are surreal, and deliberately created to show you how sexy massage porn can be. The tour page is very appealing and a treat to watch. Strategically placed tabs at the top left of the site takes you to different parts of the site, such as the home page, videos, pictures, porn stars and the member sites of NuruMassage. At the right end of the tabs section, you will find a yellow button Join Now, with a member login drop-down box adjacent to it. Below the tabs, you will find the links to the latest updates, most viewed and highest rated videos.

Each video has a title, date of uploading, number of likes, number of dislikes, number of comments and the porn stars featured in it. Well-oiled bodies, dicks, nipples, cunts and asses being massaged and juicy pussies being fucked, there is no limit to the kind of videos in the world of NuruMassage. The title and porn stars featured are in green text, while the comments, likes and dislikes are in grey text. Wow, the creators of this site have left no stone unturned to give you the best they can offer! Below the existing videos, you will find the thumbnails of upcoming videos, popular Nuru Massage porn stars, and Nuru Massage porn pictures, to make the site complete.

Membership is very affordable, and gives you access to a variety of benefits such as access to over 250+ erotic scenes, four free bonus sites, hundreds of HD videos, HD resolution pictures, 1080p HD streaming and downloading, and multiple weekly updates. As a member, the site offers you to share your fantasy. The service, Share Your Fantasy, offers you to send your fantasy idea. If your idea is liked, it will see the light of the day, and the scene is shot for you. Signing up for membership will give you access to a massage heaven. You can choose from monthly, quarterly or annual membership plans, with the annual plan offering you significant savings.

Models and Videos

Each video has a theme, with either a guy or a bitch seeking massage. With a hot and hunky porn stud massaging a slut or a sexy cunt massaging a hunky stud, the video thumbnails are provocative indeed. You will also find videos involving threesomes, and, well, you understand what I mean. The sluts are among the hottest you can come across anywhere in the porn world. The chicks are very comfortable getting their bodies massaged by firm the hands of a stud. They are also very comfortable massaging a guy and playing with his dick.

A guy wants to get a massage from a sexy slut and visits a massage parlour. The bitch uses a scented oil, and slowly massages the guy with soft hands. The massage is sensuous and soon, the guy’s dick becomes rock-hard. The slut senses that the guy needs to get his dick massaged, and sensuously works up his dick. The guy loves the massage, and the slut starts sucking the dick. The entire scene is very sensuous and sexy, and soon ends with the guy giving the bitch the fuck of her life. I am sure that you will love to watch such massage videos.

With over 250 videos for you to enjoy, you are pampered for choice. The girls have amazing bodies which are in need for a sexy massage. Their breasts are well-rounded and firm, and massaging them makes their nipples hard and long. These hard nipples are hungry to be sucked and the guys hold no qualms on sucking them. Their pussies love to get massaged by firm hands, and when you watch the guy massaging the pussy, the slut squeals in pleasure. When the guy massages the bitch’s ass, will make you want to spank it and do the same.

All videos exude this sensuousness very effectively. That’s the specialty of Nuru Massage, sensuous massages and equally sensuous fucking sessions. You are sure to fall in love with this site. The massage makes for excellent foreplay before the intense sex sessions.


So, how did you like this review? Sexy and sensuous could still be an understatement. I can see you want to enjoy this foreplay massage session with your love. Imagine watching this with your loved one, and having a bottle of aromatic oil with you! Wouldn’t you want to massage her and have her massage you in the same sensuous way? Then, go along, get your annual subscription done immediately. You are sure to have the most wonderful sex session with your loved one for a long time to come.


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