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Nippon HD

Brief Description

The main reason why many people shy away from Asian porn is because they censor their material a lot. Imagine you are excited about watching Asian chicks get fucked and you rush to a site to find a video to watch. To your disappointment, the material is censored. You hear a lot of groans and moans but you can’t see the real thing; pussy grinding against cock. This is definitely no fun way to watch a porn movie. The idea behind porn is the fact that you can get a clear view of the pussy as it is penetrated by the cock. Anything short is really not porn to me. As such I had to search the web thoroughly to look for Asian sites that offer uncensored content. It was not an easy search but one that was richly rewarded. After searching for so long, I finally came across nipponhd and boy was I impressed. Right from the landing page I knew I had struck Asian porn gold. The design was simply too beautiful to behold. They used high-resolution pictures on their web design and these pictures are very high quality the girls seem so real. Then as you enter the site you just have to love the display of pictures. This site has porn in all categories you can think of. Once you are on the site, you can stay there until you get tired as there is a video for your every fantasy. Most importantly on this site, the videos are not censored. For once, you are going to be watching Asian porn without the usually hidden pussies and cocks. If you have thought that Asian porn was boring, this Japanese site is going to change your impression altogether. As you browse this site and appreciate the models and the videos, you are going to take on a new perspective on Asian porn. On this site, you get it just the way you want it. There is hardcore and there is freshie porn. The videos are in many different categories it would be hard to get on the site and not find exactly what you want. The site owners have made sure to cover every category so that you have no excuse to live once you are on the site. Honestly, it would be hard for you to leave the site once you are on it as the quality of the web design is just so impressive that you will be browsing for hours and before you know it, you have registered to become a member.

Site Specifics

The design of the website is fairly basic although it looks neat and very elegant. There is not much in the form of tools for browsing but the few that are there are enough to help a user get about as fast as they want. This is no site to bore users with a lot of menu tabs that do not add value. On this site, you get the basics that are what users what to see. You get a tab for scenes and another one for the bonus. That is as far as it gets. They understand that the reason people are on the site is to watch the different scenes, check out the photos and possibly see what the bonus sites have to offer. As such you just need to jump right in once you are on the site. Click on the scene tabs and you are taken to a haven of videos shot with the highest quality gadgets. As part of the Staxxx network, members of nipponhd get bonus sites. Some of the sites that come with being a member at nipponhd include; bang a freshie where you will find some very fresh freshies sucking cock and being fucked in all their holes. You will also get access to mature n dirty where you meet all these mature ladies who are still as horny as when they were still blooming. These ladies are ready to seduce anyone from fresh boys to very old men. All they want is to be able to satisfy the itch in their pussy.

Models and Videos

You are going to meet some of the hottest Japanese porn stars as well as amateurs on the site. The models are most slim, with different boob sizes. They are hot an have and itch that needs to be taken care of. These chicks are gorgeous and all of them have skin that is so well polished you will want to reach out and touch them. They are either involved in soft core porn or hard core porn. On the featured pictures on the site, most of these models appear naked or semi naked. They either have a cock in hand or in their pussy. The videos are very creative and employ some very interesting themes. You are going to be seeing a lot of office videos where new recruits get gang banged or office secretaries get fucked senseless because they are trying o get a promotion. In one of the videos featuring Yui Komone, a student teacher is a gang banged by her students. She is spread wide as the boys jump on her one after the other. She is fucked in every hole until all the boys cum. Just as the name nipponhd suggest, this site carries content only in HD. The videos on the site are available in 750 HD. These videos are available for streaming and download as per a member’s preferences. The different videos on the site all have different lengths. It is not uncommon to watch a video of six minutes and move on to the next to find it twenty minutes long. With respect to the picture sets, they are available as hi-res pictures. The photosets vary based on the number of pictures that are found in it.


This is one Japanese site that you want to check out anytime you feel the urge to watch Japanese porn. The content is very good and the models are very believable.


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