Brief Description

When I found mynngf, I was really pleased, as it got my imagination into overdrive, which aroused me a lot, to the point of screaming. This is a site dedicated to non-nude girls, those that will drive you crazy just by looking at them.

Site Specifics

There is nothing like a good welcome on an adult site. That is something all sites should adopt and strive to learn, following in the great example of this one. I found a very large collage of fresh girls in their panties, shirts, topless, although you could not see a nipple or anything else which might be considered private. The image alone drove me mad, as the tantalizing hand never moves from her boobs, leaving it all up to you, every bit of the action. With a lot of videos and images, all sorted nicely. I liked. The filters, that the sorting option has, really helped my navigation on the site. Switching from video to video was a nice experience, as well, as I found the site to have absolutely no lag, a thing that every site should strive for, even more so for the mobile devices. There is no need to mention that this site was optimized for the mobile phone, as well.

Models and Videos

The sight of fresh girls, rubbing their panties, touching their boobs over a bra or a really thin shirt really got me going. When you realize that you are not able to see her entire naked body, or see her in action, as you might want to, you start thinking about what else she might have done, had the camera not been switched off. Then, your imagination switches on, and the possibilities are limitless. I do need to mention that these girls are definitely innocent chicks, most likely, as you could tell by their sweet, innocent faces. Though, that very same innocent looking face tends to lose its main character trait once they start stripping and taunting you in front of the camera. As their bodies move left and right, blond, black haired or redheads, any way you like them, their clothes slowly falling to the ground, all but the panties, you are one second away from losing it. When the imagination kicks in, the arousal becomes impossible. Once you start imagining the rest of the video, the very thoughts drive you closer and closer to the climactic moment. It is an experience I could not forget, one I would love to repeat, daily, at least. That would be possible, especially since the membership allows you to download videos, or stream them, whichever you prefer. I did like the image gallery, as the images themselves are downloadable too, which gave way to me having a little collection. Along with that, I noticed that once I joined up, I had access to fifteen more sites, something that you do not get every day.


The very ideas that those lovely innocent girls would not strip completely and that I would not see anything private, not even a nipple, I let myself go to my imagination. That is something you do not forget, ever. And mynngf really helps with stimulating that experience, with girls so good looking that you get aroused from the first few seconds of the downloadable videos, or the very look of the photos. A site that does not disappoint.


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